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Cut Copy (Moulinex remix)

Feb 13 2008


Both Moulinex and Cut Copy are long time faves here at Discobelle so when our friend Aleks Discodust asked us to help spread this remix we were more than happy to oblige. Moulinex who is from Portugal but now resides in Germany has a knack for cranking out some serious electro jams. This official (but unfortunately it wasn’t included for the single) remix of the Cut Copy single “Lights And Music” is on the softer, spacier side but still pretty damn sweet.

Cut Copy – Lights And Music (Moulinex remix) (YSI)

Cut Copy – Lights And Music (Moulinex remix) (zShare)

PS. Shoot on over to Discodust for the excellent Little Boots (Victoria from Dead Disco + production by Joe from Hot Chip) track “Stuck On Repeat” in all it’s 320 kbps glory.