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Feb 14 2008


We’ve been digging Emynds remixes and edits for some time now, and that “White Tees and White Belts EP” he dropped with Bo Bliz still gets regular play in our dj-sets. Here’s what Emil had to say about this sweet sounding Flo-Rida (ft. T-Pain) “Get Low” remix he just did:

“Believe me, I’m more sick of this gosh darn song than you are. Quite frankly, I hate the original at this point, but, it’s still got some relevance in the clubs so I thought I’d make a little remixy-poo that would allow me to play it without puking when some becky requests it.

It’s in the same key and the same tempo as the Freestyle song “Passion” by K5 so I sampled a lil bit of it, re-arranged it, added some 808 kicks, the hats and snares from “Electric Kingdom,” threw some Microkorg BS around the drums and samples and voila, we’ve got a new song. I kept the intro recognizable for the girly girls to go “OH YES IT’S THAT GET LOW SONG!” but then it breaks down pretty quickly into the mayhem.”

Flo-Rida feat. T-Pain “Get Low (Emynd’s “Passion” Freestyle Remix) (YSI)

Flo-Rida feat. T-Pain “Get Low (Emynd’s “Passion” Freestyle Remix) (zShare)