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We got mail

Mar 10 2008

So we are back with We Got Mail!

Let’s see what we got in the mailbox.

First of we got a track from Mr Gaspar. He is calling this “his first club banger”.

Mr Gaspar – Give You A Call (zShare)

Next up is a remix of the indie band Damn Arm‘s song “Wooden Leg; Evil Claw”. Dyce is behind the remix.

Damn Arms – Wooden Leg, Evil Claw (Dyce Remix) (zShare)

He also has a mix out:

Dyce Til Dawn (zShare)

Every Day is a Swedish dude who makes house and elctro music. Here is a couple of his latest tracks.

Every Day – Cherry Blossom Girl (remix) (zShare)

Every Day / Pacific! – Runway To Elsewhere – Breakbot (Every Day remix edit) (zShare)

German pop? Why not. Here is a track from Get Well Soon‘s debut album “Rest Now, Early Head! You Will Get Well Soon” that will be released on the 26th of May.

Get Well Soon – Prelude (direct link)

And then we go to a Swedish/Danish collaboration with a AndyCap remix of As In RebekkaMaria.

As In RebekkaMaria – Yours Truly (Andycap Remix) (zShare)

Terror Dactel is a busy man. He is currently involved in a couple of projects, one of them being a remix of, Muddy Loop, which will be a vinyl release later this year, but on top of that he got his own release of his first full length coming out later this spring/early summer. Here is three tracks from his demo.

Terror Dactel – The Gunslinger (direct link)

Terror Dactel – Automatic Dragons (direct link)

Terror Dactel – Rocket Ready (direct link)

We are going to start letting some of you readers to start doing our We got mail again. But we only want people with lots of time on their hands. It takes some time to go through all the music and pick out what is good enough to feature here. So if you feel you have the time and the taste for it hit us with a email. We will start by picking two people who gets to do three weeks each. So write a little presentation on who you are and so on and send here.