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DVNO vs. The Subs

Mar 13 2008


We got this scorcher of a track from The Subs (the belgian electro group that made our speakers melt last year with their single “Fuck That Shit”). You all know Justice and you all know about Surkin who did a remix of recent Justice single “DVNO”, well the guys – or to be more exact Tonic – in The Subs could’nt decide which version to use so he threw together this edit of the two. The Subs are also gearing up for the release of their next single “Papillon” which will also see remixes from Yuksek & Brodinski and Shinichi Osawa.

Justice – DVNO (Tonics Jurkin’ edit) (YSI)

Justice – DVNO (Tonics Jurkin’ edit) (zShare)