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Kid Cudi + JOTS remixes

Mar 14 2008


Well, we’ve been slacking a bit here at Discobelle. The other day we got some info in the mail from Nick Catchdubs (one of the head honchos of Fools Gold) about the latest Fools Gold releases – Kid Cudi and Jokers Of The Scene – from Nick Catchdubs but neglected to throw it up so you’ve probably already seen it elsewhere.

Anyway, we dig Kid Cudis laidback melodic singstyle rap and then of course the Crookers boys can do no wrong with their remix of “Day N Nite”. Also, the canadian club monsters known as Jokers of The Scene brings us one giant ravetastic release destined for the big rooms with “Y’all Know The Name” on which our old aquintance William Russell proves his ready for the major leagues with his remix of b-side “Juggle It”.

Kid Cudi – Day N Nite (Crookers Remix)

Jokers of the Scene – Juggle It (William Russell Remix)