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Fluo EP

Mar 15 2008


We got this track from Cerebral Vortex, a rapper that together with Buddy Leezle forms the duo known as 215:The Freshest Kidz. Today at SXSW sees the street release of his solo “Fluo EP” (official release is next week) that features production work from a bunch of hyped up producers such as Bird Peterson, Krames, White Girl Lust and Rustie. We received “Deep Fried Nicer”, on which Cerebral Vortexs rapping fits really well with the sinister and dark soundscape provided by the much blogged about Glasgowian dubstep/electronic producer Rustie.

Rustie vs. Vortex – Deep Fried Nicer (YSI)

Rustie vs. Vortex – Deep Fried Nicer (zShare)