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Mixin’ It Up: Royal Rumble

Mar 28 2008

After a few slow weeks of waiting for mixes from different DJs we are finally back with a new Mixin’ It Up. This time we head over to L.A and the trio known as Royal Rumble. Let’s leave it to them:

“We want to begin by saying that we should have started this mix out with the Classixx remix of “Buzzin” by Shwayze, but it just wasn’t flowing, being that it’s 93 BPM. Anyway, we’re Dan, Russ, and Kyle, and together we play music for people at parties under the name Royal Rumble. We also produce some music of our own, we throw a monthly party in Los Angeles with Classixx and Dan Oh called Hush Hush, and we throw a weekly all vinyl night called Sudden Death with DJ Pubes, Blu Jemz, and Cosmic Kids.

Making this mix was quite a task, but we knew we wanted to accomplish a couple of important things. We wanted the first 10 minutes to be comprised mainly of the type of music we have been playing at our new weekly, Sudden Death Disco. From there we wanted to gradually bring out the burners. If you want to know what we are all about right now, this is it. Other than that, we are just a few guys who hang out in our friend’s garage almost everyday.

1. The Whitest Boy Alive – 24K
DAN: This cover of Morgan Geist’s almost classic (is it old enough to be a classic?) is pretty slick. Its best if listened to with nice glass of wine.

2. Indeep – Last Night a DJ Saved My Life (Mirage Remix)
KYLE: I was sitting in my car listening to the Italians Do it Better compilation, “After Dark,” and soon as the track came on i knew i was in for something good. Then the grimey bassline dropped and instantly fell in loveee.

3. In Flagranti – Affective Placebo Effect
DAN: All of In Flagranti’s tracks sound so dirty. I think that’s why we love them.

4. Escort – Love in Indigo
KYLE: 20 something piece band, nuff said. I hope they come to LA some day.

5. Daniel Wang – Warped
KYLE: Whens the last time laser beams made you feel this fucking amazing? “Man, I wish music like this was playing while i was walking around 24/7” – Nick Vic.

6. TEPR – Minuit Jacuzzi (Royal Rumble ext. intro edit)
RUSS: I really like this song. I think we have to say that this was our fire for a minute

7. Cut Copy – Lights Music (Boys Noize Happy Birthday Remix)
DAN: I didn’t really believe this was Boys Noize when I heard it. I’m always stoked to hear producers trying something new and nailing it. This remix is their “Face to Face. ”

8. C-Jay DJ 19 – Nethercutter (Aston Shuffle’s Dub Mix)
DAN: Aston Shuffle are very patient with their music. They like to save the dopest part for about 3 minutes into each of their tracks, almost always preceded by a long, windy, almost confusing breakdown. These guys are ridiculously talented.

9. Siriusmo – All The Girls (Tomboy Remix)
KYLE: Originally I was drawn to this track by its cover art. It’s even pressed on an appropriate clear red vinyl. Then you hear that vocal, “Get Get Get Get Get, GET DOWN”. Flood gates are now open with fire coming from every angle.

10. Kid Cudi – Day ‘n’ Nite (Crookers Remix)
RUSS: This song makes me think of coal workers that have to work all the time, so they sorta forget what time it is and sing about not getting ass or something.

11. Bass Kleph – Bump Uglies
DAN: Bouncey and heavy in the best way possible.

12. Scuola Furano – Saxada
RUSS: Silent Night turned me onto this dude. I’m a huge fan of Ace of Base.

13. Armand Van Helden – Playmate (Jesse Rose Remix)
RUSS: I’d really like to see a double dutch competition to this song that’d fucking kill it!

14. Aston Shuffle – For Everyone
DAN: I think this is their only original track floating around. Its way fun though.

15. Justus K̦hncke Р2 After 909
DAN: In a way, I think we are paying tribute to Erlend Oye’s DJ Kicks by including this track. We were all listening to that mix a lot when we met, and hearing anything from it now is so nostaligic.

16. France Gall – Laisse Tomber Le Filles
RUSS: If you like April March or old snowboarding videos, you’ll like this.”

Download: Royal Rumble – Mixin it up 58 (zShare)

BONUS: They also sent us a new exclusive remix that they did for Big Moves. Can you tell that they been listening to a lot of Italo disco?

Big Moves – Ever Lose Sight (Royal Rumble remix) (zShare)