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Mixin’ It Up: White Girl Lust

Apr 4 2008

Two in a row! I guess you can say that we are back with Mixin’ It Up fo’ real. This time we asked White Girl Lust to make one. Take it away boys!

“Homeboys and girls gather ‘round and and listen to the tale of Solid Bump Records. WGL grew up in the West and spent our days listening to the sound that made the early 90’s so fresh out here. It started with what would turn into G-Funk and all it’s influences. Later we could be caught listening to mixtapes from the Wicked Crew and all the funky ass house that called upon disco breaks and deep bass. When we started the label we wanted it to sound like Above the Law instrumentals were being remixed to go on an early DJ Dan mixtape.

This mix is the perfect example of the label and the sound. It kicks off with some mid-tempo electro tinged funk and progresses up to what we think is the 2008 answer to this sound. At 30 minutes into the mix things are starting to pop pretty hard. By the time our new hero DreDay steps in the party – it is GAME OVER. Unfortunately we were unable to include some of the other awesome talent on the label such as Spoek from Sweat X, Cerebral Vortex, and Buddy Lezzle.

Go pop over to www.beatsource.com afterwards and buy the new West Coast Bump Remix EP featuring DJ Krames, Sir Nenis and DJ Pushups, Tactic, and DreDay. G’yeah!

1. Bonnie Pointer // Free Me From My Freedom (Extended Mix)
And we set it off with a perfect song for spring fever. Since our EP is a homage to the west it is fitting that Ms. Pointer is from Oakland. What other song do you know with a funky ass banjo – NONE. Huge props to DJ Alona for introducing this song to us.

2. Ciara // Goodies (B-Cause Whatnauts Renovation)
Edits are like assholes – everybody has one. B-Cause (also from the Bay) is one of the only people that has the taste and class to pull them off consistently. The blends are so simple but brilliant. He did this one long ago and it’s source vocal is completely played out but the blend totally keeps it fresh.

3. Indeep // The Record Keeps Spinning (12′ Mix)

4. Kleeer // Tonight

Although this band is from NYC they will always epitomize West Coast funk due to DJ Quik’s interpolation back in the day. This raw talk box makes Roger Troutman sound like a polished lounge singer – not that I am sayin’ that – this shit is just dirt dog.

5. Ray Parker Jr. // Just Havin’ Fun

6. DJ Quik // Mo’ Pussy
One of rap’s kings of thinly veiled homosexual lyrics comes with a ode to the female reproduction system. It’s sort of like your closeted gay buddy who keeps a ton of straight porn around on display. Yeah dude, you are not fooling anyone. Regardless, one of the funkiest rap producers of all time. His studio musicians were amazing.

7. Raydio // For Those Who Like To Groove
Yep, two Ray Parker Jr. tracks almost back to back. What can I say? Ghostbusters was a huge influence as a youngster. Anyone else notice how this sounds like “One Nation Under A Groove” part 2? This hot biscuit features Herbie Hancock on the synth. OUCH!

8. Mike Dunn // Phreaky MF (Edit Version)

9. S.O.S. Band // Take Your Time (White Girl Lust Edit)
Clay re-worked this classic FM radio jam into a smooth but simple edit.

10. Greens Keepers // The Color Pink

11. Talking Heads // Moon Rocks (White Girl Lust Edit)
“Flying saucers/ levitation/ … I can do that”… what a way to start a song. Funkiest white people EVER. WGL’s all time favorite band.

12. DJ Pierre & Marshall Jefferson // Clap Your Hands (Solsonik Dub)

13. The Dream // Fast Car
Sometimes if you are bombarded by a swarm of Beckys at the club requesting Prince you can play this instead. Then they request a Madonna/ ACDC mash up because it is their girlfriend’s birthday.

14. Jesus Jackson // Damn (Nova Project Rmx)
To me this sounds like if Pharrell did a jacking house song. Big up, Jesus.

15. Suzy Q // Tonight
This is one of those tracks you can play and get the dance floor poppin’ even though people don’t know what they are dancing to. Again – we totally swagger jacked this from DJ Alona.

16. Green Velvet // It’s Time 2 Jack
This is a more subdued version of “Shake and Pop”. I have never heard this played out and it makes me wonder why? Why!?!? Did Steve tell you that? STEVE!

17. White Girl Lust // Shake Your Body (Demo Version)
New as a new track can be and still be playable. Clay cooked this up while we were picking songs for this mix. Damn dude – nice move. Do I smell a new release coming?

18. Hijack // Possession
If I hear one more white person use the “Think” beat in a shitty B-More remix of a rock song there will be body bags filled with kids in fitted neon hats. Luckily this is a not an example of poor Lyn Collins usage.

19. White Girl Lust // Come On My Love (DJ Krames Rmx)
This is of our new remix EP on Solid Bump Records. Krames killed it!

20. Nicola Fasano & Pat Rich // 75 Brazil Street

21. Top Billin’ // Willin’
OMG. Seriously. Best new song around. This should be on Turntable Lab any day now!

22. DreDay // Chat Noir
As we said – the best new producer on the block. This dude has an insanely unique vibe and thus far every track we hear is amazing. This will be the next release on Solid Bump Records. WATCH THIS SPACE!

23. Dazz Band // Whip It (DreDay Rmx)

24. U-Tern // All That Cha Got
Even though this dude doesn’t respond to our inquiries about remixes we still ride for him. He also has an amazing song called “Kiss This” coming out soon. In the meantime go pick up part 2 of his Cookie Jar series, featuring his doo-doo fresh cover of “Sippin’ On Some Syrup”. Get at us homie!

25. White Girl Lust // Tail Light Bump (DreDay Rmx)
Dre totally took our track and owed it! This is also part of the new West Coast Bump Remix EP on Solid Bump. GO COP THAT!”

Download: White Girl Lust – Mixin it up (direct link)