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Le Le – Breakfast (video)

Apr 11 2008

One of Discobelles graphic designers, Olof, tipped us off about this video for the track “Breakfast” by three-piece Le Le. The song is apparently a big hit and is basically just about b*****s and eggs. The amazing drawings were made by Dutch artist Piet Parra.

9 thoughts on “Le Le – Breakfast (video)

  1. Rogier

    Piet Parra is also part of the band, and don’t let the name fool you, they’re not from France, the whole band is from Holland. Good looking out, though.

  2. Beek

    Yeah just wanted to say what Rogier just said:). This video from LeLe is awesome! Peace

  3. bart

    One boy is from the hiphopcrew “de jeugd van tegenwoordig” what means “the youth these days”! In holland are these guys responsable for a whole new kind of hiphop, a kind of hiphop meets house. The producer is Bas Bron/seymour bits/ bastian /comtron/ fatima /yamaha. He is an awsome electronic producer.
    Check it out!


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