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  • HouseMusicSoul

    Killer mix. The Soul Seekers version is trash, but this mix has taken the track to another place!
    Look forward to playing this.

  • djclaude

    Great track. I was hoping for a great rmx sometime and here it is :)
    I want to play this soon!

  • http://www.myspace.com/djexit Dj Exit

    wow im so making a remix/mashup of this remix i lub it, its imperfection makes it perfect and its detailed everything im jus like wow, i know girls are going to get down to this

  • http://www.myspace.com/stockholmsyndromemusic Stockholm Syndrome

    Thanks for the comments guys, glad peeps are feeling the track.
    Just wait for the Dub, oh my days!
    Should be landing any second…

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  • Espada

    I’ve been playing this remix this summer and it really rocks, the people love it, the crazy cut-out vocals, the disorder and the beat….everything simply fits together.
    The funny thing is I didn’t really like it when I first heard it ’cause I was looking for a normal remix of American Boy… but boy was I wrong….After 3-4 listenings It turned out to be a better smasher than Mr.Gaspar’s remix, which is on the other side of the record…

    Congratulations Stockholm Syndrome, greetings from Bosnia