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7 thoughts on “Stockholm Syndrome remix

  1. HouseMusicSoul

    Killer mix. The Soul Seekers version is trash, but this mix has taken the track to another place!
    Look forward to playing this.

  2. djclaude

    Great track. I was hoping for a great rmx sometime and here it is :)
    I want to play this soon!

  3. Dj Exit

    wow im so making a remix/mashup of this remix i lub it, its imperfection makes it perfect and its detailed everything im jus like wow, i know girls are going to get down to this

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  6. Espada

    I’ve been playing this remix this summer and it really rocks, the people love it, the crazy cut-out vocals, the disorder and the beat….everything simply fits together.
    The funny thing is I didn’t really like it when I first heard it ’cause I was looking for a normal remix of American Boy… but boy was I wrong….After 3-4 listenings It turned out to be a better smasher than Mr.Gaspar’s remix, which is on the other side of the record…

    Congratulations Stockholm Syndrome, greetings from Bosnia

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