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A bag of crap giveaway!

Apr 23 2008


We get a lot of promos sent to us, so much that there is no way in hell that we are going to have time to listen to it all. So we have put all the crap we’ve been sent in bag that we will send to one of you. It’s not all crap, in fact most of it is great music but we don’t need it.

What you have to do to get this bag with over 50 cd’s is to make a video of yourself explaining why you should get it and upload it to some video site (YouTube or something) and then send us the link. We have also thrown in some Familjen “Huvudet i sanden” remix cds to make it even better.

So here is what you get:

1 prize

50+ promo cd’s and the Familjen “Huvudet i sanden” remix CD

2-10 prize

Familjen “Huvudet i sanden” remix CD