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May 31 2008


Our buddy Travis who writes for the excellent blog Big Stereo swears by this band and passed on the word about them to us. The fun loving Australian quartet BMX has gone over well with the blogs recently with their catchy party/pop music. Music for when you’re hanging out with your friends and the ladies drinking roséwine in the park, late night baths and of course when you’re riding your bike ie these are summer jams.

BMX – Refero Beach (YSI)

BMX – Refero Beach (zShare)

BONUS: Their anthem “Theme To BMX”.

BMX – Theme To BMX (YSI)

BMX – Theme To BMX (zShare)


Chris Devlin is one of the dj’s in Spank Rock and when he’s not busy touring the world and causing mischief, he puts together funky and soulful mixes like this one for Shilos “We Make It Good” mix series. Another excellent effort that is perfect in this summer weather which makes Sweden feel like the best country in the world…

Shilo presents We Make It Good Mix 02 – Chris Devlin (direct link)


1) Make it Good radio intro – Devlin
samples put together for a simulated “indecisive radio listener”

2) Get out my life woman – Solomon Burke
classic break.great lyrics.

3) Mixintro – Devlin
The above track chopped up and edited into a new drum pattern, with a little synth bass line and the begining of the A side of the 7” Wonder Woman, the return of Brunhilde ( who happens to be some kind of crazy German trying to install the 4th riech)…of of of.

4) The Boules Experiment – Alan Parsons
This little fucked up track is amazing. There is a game in France where you bang these balls together and apparently Eric Wolfson of The APP liked the sound of this. They ended up putting this weird outtake on the Album…

5) I wouldn’t want to be like you – Alan Parsons Project
Single off “I Robot” which was a favorite of mine last summer. I think this song is pretty funky and the gentle “fuck you” chorus is nice. Alan Parsons engineered Dark Side of The Moon, The making of that album is out on DVD and for a novice in production like me, it is amazing. I robotaint bad either!… There is a sprinkle of Draculas Wedding by Andre 3000 at the guitar break of the above song. The love Below (2003) was so cool. Andre just airing himself out and it was so good. This track was awesome and when alexxx Change heard it for the first time this year he said, “oh he was doin that bloghouse bass back then”

6) Shake it to the Ground (chinco sonido psych cumbia beat) – blackstar&RyeRye
So The guy who did the first installment of this mix jacked this song from me, and the sonny Pitchbull too. After this betrayal, I promised I would sprinkle these songs throughout, with out actually playing them.

…Alan Parsons and David Gilmour dialouge from The Making of Dark Side of the moon

7) Pass the Calabash – Margaret Singana
Phil had this to say…“Her surname’s spelt Mcingana by the way, although everyone says Singana. She did the title track for the Shaka Zulu movie (‘we are rising’ or something – stirring shit seeing Zulus kill tons of Brits with that song playing), and back in our bad old racially segregated apartheid days she was the first black person to feature on Radio 5’s top 10 (supposed to be whites only station pre-1994). She’s a legend” ….Thanks Phil!…I edited the arrangement of the track and added a bunch of sound bytes that are about work. I watched the Dave Chapel where he was on Donahue while I was doing this too.

8) Blind (Devlin Remix) – Hercules and Love affair
So is it an edit or a remix?..I don’t know. This is along the same lines as the intro with the reconfiguration of a drum pattern and the addition of a bass line. I like this little sloppy mix and, I thought it fit the idea of building / construction/ making. The lyrics are far out too.

— a piece of audio called click- Ipi ‘N Tombi is layed over the begining as well its on the compalation, Zulu Indestructable beats.

9) Shake it – Fully Fitted
This track was is on the upcoming Fully Fitted EP due out really soon. Production Credits go to XXXcHangE, Darko, and myself. It samples Rye Rye’s vocals, It’s pretty cool I think. I sent it over to the Bladerunners, Razor chopped it up, and they did a sick little edit. I put that in here as well… Sorry dudes! time was tight and i couldnt find MY razor!!!

10) Shake it (Bladerunners edit) – Fully Fitted
11) I want your Love (Todd Terje edit) – Chic
Groovy ass song. Either you want to play all 6 mins of it or you want to play it with the Moody Man. Zack, Neight100… What time is it?

12) 300,000,000 Synths (Devlin roktapause edit) – Chaz Jankel
Went to the record store with some guys that know records recently. I grabbed this 12” and was like wow, great title. Beyondah then told me that it was good too. So i bought it, its awesome. I did this litlte scratch/rocktapause edit and threw in some drums as well.

13) Breakfast – Le Le

14) Roll The Joint (Joey Negro edit) – Master Dance and Boogie
This is what we should be dancing to

15) Pass The Joint – Rick James
When I first let Pase and Naeem hear this song they were as hooked as i was. Funky as hell, it sounds like Dave Chapelle on the vocals. Rick James was apparently funny and amazing.

16) Brothers on the Slide (ruffy tuffy mix) – Cymande
I am a sucker for this song and always blend it with the next one..

17) 100 million – XXXchange
We had been working on a lot of stuff for this Ep and when we all went home Alexxx Change made this..What a jerk.

18) New Day – Fully Fitted
also on the forthcoming Fully Fitted EP, featuring Tyler Pope on Guitar.

19) Beautiful Nightmare (Devlin’s brunhilde Edit) – Beyonce
Tired of mixing uptempo crazy records in my living room i decided it was time for a return to the psychedelic. the ambient recordings are from a mic i hooked up and sat on my kitchen window. 3 floors up.

20) Plane Ride – Devlin
I made most of this track and then listened to the new Animal collective EP. I changed the track a bit , and then used Seal Eyeing and Cobwebs for sample material..I lso used This record from the 70s about Virgos…In the end when it sounds like two people having sex, its really two pieces by the Language Removal Services. One is Marcel Duchamp (language removal), and the other is Marilyn Monroe (language removal),

21) A Day in The Life -The Beatles
22) Buenos Matrimonios Ahi Afuera -El Guincho
This guy is awesome. Google and buy.


Krames is back with his “Start The Violence!” project. A couple of weeks ago we posted a track he did with Rye Rye and a mixtape sampler he did for NAME Ribbon. Now he delivers two more bangers.

This is the way his sidekick Nick the Duke describes STV!

“Start The Violence! is a project built around a crossover style of electronic music. By combining elements of bassline, club, and jack house, Start The Violence! is set to change the game. They already worked w/ Rye Rye , Kocky & Tinchy Stryder , San Serac , and DJ Wool and have upcoming digital release of original tracks featuring DJ Fatboy from Harlem, SLUTTT, Cerebal Vortex and other vocal artists. STV! currently lives in NYC working on causing a riot in the club.”

Start The Violence! – No Room To Breathe (zShare)

Three Six Maffia – I’d Rather Get Some Head (Start The Violence! Remix) (zShare)

@Nick and Krames: Thanks for the good times you guys showed me in NYC the last couple of weeks. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon again!

Friday and we are Mixin’ It Up again! Over to Mike B:

“(thee) Mike B has been collecting records since the late 80’s and djing clubs since the late 90’s. Originally from Los Angeles, his DJ career began in NYC with residencies at the now legendary Limelight and Twilo nightclubs. He was out there playing everything from the grimiest hip-hop spots to the sweatiest after hours, until relocating to his hometown of LA in summer of ’03. He’s since been playing nights all over the country with Canada and Europe dates being scheduled for the very near future.

He’s currently one third of the Banana Split Sundae resident lineup along with DJ AM and Steve Aoki. Banana Split is a weekly Sunday night party thrown by BPM, Dim Mak and The Cobrasnake at LAX Nightclub in Hollywood and has been one of the city’s best parties for nearing 2 years. He is working on several remix and production projects:

There’s Graveleaf, a new musical venture with Omar Doom aka Sir Graves, making funky yet avant-garde electro bangers.

Then there’s The Knish Hit Squad, with DJ Trident. They serve up BMore tinted party jams, usually with humorous undertones. Look for a new track from them on a forthcoming 12″ release with DJ Neoteric, Stretch Armstrong, Nate Day and more.


Human League – Being Boiled (1978)
I figured I’d start things off with something classic. This shit is both funky and haunting.

Luke Vibert _ Funky Acid Stuff (2005)
Sean Donson put me up on Luke Vibert’s Lovers Acid LP a few years back. The whole thing is pretty cool. Not since Fatboy Slim’s “Everybody Loves A Carnival” has there been such an excellent melding of 303’s and funk breaks.

Outkast ft Raekwon – Royal Flush (2008)
This a new track from them and I love it. The combination of Outkast and Raekwon is a proven winner (i.e.: Skew It On The Bar-B).

Curtis Vodka – Homeless Funk (2001?)
Apparently Curtis made this when he was 14… which was like 2 years ago I think. Dirty ass cut and paste funk madness.

Quiet Village – Can’t Be Beat (2008)
This track is so good. Oddly enough, the first time I heard it was a few weeks ago on the radio.

Graveleaf – The Crusade (2008)
We’re particularly proud of this track. It’s gets great reactions from many a dancefloor and we have some exciting folks working on some remixes right now.

The Prodigy – Poison (1995)
Can’t argue with a classic

South Rakkas Crew – Hotter Than Them (2008)
Dancehall with a Josh Wink sample? They kinda had me at hello on this one. I guess I’m easy.

Power Jam ft Chill Rob G – The Power (1990)
Chill Rob G is one of the most underrated rappers of all time. I also think this is one of 45 King’s best productions, and he many, many classics. God save you if you play that bullshit remake by Snap!

Chubb Rock – Caught Up (Funkymix) (1993)
This is a great extended mis of one of my favorite Chubb Rock cuts. I found this on a bootleg in a dollar bin.

Special Ed – Come On Let’s Move It (1990)
He gets extra cheese, like pizza.

DJ Clue ft Missy Elliot & Nicole Wray – I Like Control (1999)
DJ Clue’s “The Professional” album was huge in NY in 1999. This track was a mainstay in my set. Missy is actually one of my favorite MC’s. No joke, there are very few rappers who are as creative and interesting as her while making huge club hits. And listen the first few bars of Nicole Wray’s verse, you’ll notice where Gorilla Zoe got his inspiration for “Hood N!gg@” So random.

Belle Epoque – Miss Broadway (1977)
Amazing song… someone should sample it.

Grace Jones – Warm Leatherette (1980)
Grace Jones is clearly one of the coolest people alive. She hung out with Andy Warhol all the time and made amazing music with David Bowie and Sly & Robbie. She wins.

The Rolling Stones – Dance (pt 1) (1980)
One of my favorite songs by one the best bands of all time.

War – Me and Baby Brother (Neighbour Remix) (2008)
Neighbour has been making lots of really fun cool music. Here he gives the War classic a simple but effective remix job. Thanks to Neoteric for passing this to me and Neighbour for letting me use it in the mix.

Titanic – Macumba (Todd Terje Rekutt) (?)
I play this out a lot… But I don’t think I need to explain why Todd Terje edits are good. They just are.

Dick Hyman – Blackbird (U-Tern Disco Edit) (2008)
It’s clearly all about disco edits of Dick Hyman covers of Beatles songs. U-Tern is consistently breathing new life into songs with his remix work… It’s not easy to make good remixes of Marvin Gaye or Stevie Wonder songs but he does it well.

In Flagranti – In The Silver White Box (2006)
I got a chance to hang out with Sasha from In Flagranti when he was in LA last summer. Cool dude and a great producer. This is one of my favorites from a couple years back.

45 King vs Wale – Roof (DJ Ayres Remix) (2008)
That’s a pretty cool combination of names. 45 King is a legend. Wale is one of the only new rappers worth listening to and I dare you to find someone who doesn’t like DJ Ayres.

Chromeo – You’re So Gangsta (Playgroup Remix) (2002)
This was from the first ever Chromeo 12″, though in 06 it was on a limited edition cassette only promo … I think it’s incredible, but I’m rarely disappointed in Playgroup remixes.

Robbie Williams – Rudebox (Chicken Lips Dub) (2007)
Whether he’s Bizzare Inc, Sir Drew, Chicken Lips or Emperor Machine, Andrew Meecham’s music is always correct. I let this one play out in all it’s 8 minutes of dubby glory. Thanks to Eli Escobar for supplying the dub version, before that I was rocking the one with Robbie Williams rapping on it. Woops.

Rodion – Electric Soca (Cosmo Vitelli Remix) (2007)
This is a great remix by a great remixer, but definitely also check the original, it’s equally banging.

Siriusmo – Last Dear (2008)
This dude is where it’s at. All of his music is really cool and interesting, yet very funky and danceable. This track is from the Diskoding Mini Album on Boys Noize Records.

Ratatat – Falcon Jab (2008)
Since the first time I heard them they have been one of my favorite bands. This is one of the many highlights off their newest LP, LP3.

Thanks For Listening.

Download: (thee) Mike B * Mixin’ It Up for Discobelle (zShare)

Bonus Track:

Graveleaf – The Crusade (zShare)


We here at Discobelle are long time fans of French producer Don Rimini, he’s given us quite a few mighty tracks, remixes and mixes so when he dropped a new mix we’re more than happy to oblige with a post. The Don is playing the Ditch It All party at 333 in London this saturday and he did this mix as a promo for that night. Be sure to check it out because if it’s anything like this massive mix you’ll be dancing yourself senseless.

Don Rimini – Exclusive Ditch It All mix May 2008 (zShare)


1- Verb Feat. Don Rimini – Psssy Mind (Don Rimini Remix)
2- Rye Rye – Wassup (Crookers Remix)
3- D*L*i*d* – Get Lost !
4- The Presets – My People (D.I.M. Remix)
5- Choreo – Cut The Dust
6- Plastikman – Spastik
7- Don Rimini – Nervous Breakdown
8- WTF – A.d.i.d.a.s. (Kaotek Remix)
9- Don Rimini – Let Me Back Up
10- Don Rimini – Let Me Back Up (Crookers Tetsujin Mix)
11- James Braun – James Brown Is Dead
12- Young Mc Feat. Don Rimini – Bust A Move (Don Rimini Ravekid Remix)
13- Soulwax – Miserable Girl (Royal Rumble Edit)
14- The Wild Child Experience – Bring It Down
15- The Teenagers – Starlett Johannson (Blamma! Blamma! Remix)
16- Surkin – White Knight Two
17- Crookers – Thunderstruck
18- Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam – I Wonder If I Take You Home (Iggybaby Edit)


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