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Mixin’ It Up: Stockholm Syndrome

May 2 2008

This week’s Mixin it up comes from Stockholm Syndrome. Their remix of American Boy have been downloaded over 20.000 times so we know that you want more from them. Take it away boys:

“When you guys first asked us to do a ‘Mixin It Up’ we began jotting down some tracks that have had real meaning over the years, right up to stuff we are listening to and are inspired by today. However, when the list started topping 80 tracks we knew this was going to be tough! So, we trimmed it down to 25 tracks. How? I’ll never know. It breaks my heart to leave out some of the tracks we left out, such is life I guess. Anyway, this mix really is a mixture; old and new. We’ve chucked in half a dozen of our own productions, two of which we did especially for this mix; “New Song” & “Make You Whole”. We certainly didn’t want to bang out an hour of current tracks, where’s the fun in that? It’s far more satisfying digging through the crates and finding some gems from yesteryear and then throwing it all together and seeing what happens…


1. D-Train – Music
Title track from their second album. What would YOU do without music? I have no idea. James Williams has somewhat bizarrely gone on to become one of the leading voiceover men in the business, and you can hear him on an array of jingles, including; Army & Navy, Nescafe, Home Improvement & Got Milk. Lucrative, but odd!

2. Jermaine Jackson – Come To Me
B-side of an old 7” called ‘Sweetest Sweetest’. I thought his brother only made records that were this good?

3. Chic – I Want Your Love (Todd Terje Edit)
Just about the right amount of tinkering, less is most definitely more.

4. Daft Punk – Face To Face
Everybody knows the big Daft Punk records; this however, is our favourite. If anyone knows what the lyrics are or even the name of the record(s) they sampled (on this track), then please hit us up on our MySpace and let us know!

5. The Believers – Who Dares To Believe In Me?
Roy Davis Jr has made some great records (‘Gabriel’ arguably being his best), but this for me epitomises the early 90’s big room sound. First release on the ‘Sound of Ministry’ label and a true classic that has got me reminiscing about Todd Terry holding court in the main room.

6. Seven Grand Housing Authority – The Question
Gospel House from Detroit producer Terrence Parker.
Picked this up in ‘93 (on Olympic Records) and it lived in my box for years. The early 90’s spawned a million piano led House records, but this (and ‘The Believers’) really are timeless. Sends a shiver down my spine still.

7. Howard Jones – New Song (Stockholm Syndrome Remix)
I was a huge fan of this record and Jones debut album, ‘Humans Lib’. I used to go to bed dreaming one day I could own the Jupiter 8 synth on the front cover of the 12”! Colin Thurston who was, no doubt, a pioneer of the 80’ synth sound, produced the original. He engineered for David Bowie & Iggie Pop and produced various albums for The Human League, Duran Duran, Talk Talk & Gary Numan. It was an important record for me as a youngster (I was 11 when I bought it, 99p in WHSmith!), and thankfully Ollie was up for us re-working it. This version will probably never see the light of day, but we’ll definitely use it as a DJ tool.

8. The Whitest Boy Alive – Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix)
We love French House, and were keen to include a few bits in this mix. The boy Falke nails this, simple as. This will still get played in ten years time. Vocal is a bit wack in places, but I guess sometimes you can’t have it both ways.

9. Chromeo – Needy Girl (Lifelike Remix)
Chromeo need no introduction and everybody knows ‘Needy Girl’. Lifelike takes the track up a few gears and this is a peaktime floor killer! Excellent remix.

10. Coach House Rhythm Section – Timewarp
Eddy Grant most definitely got out of the wrong side of his bed on the day he made this! ‘Timewarp’ was a record Louie Vega used to drop slap bang in the middle of a House set, and the boys over at The Paradise Garage were also big supporters. You just would not believe this was made in 1978!

11. Fragmenté – I See You
There is a good story to accompany this track, but I’ll save it for another time. Fragmenté is a project we are involved with along with some other peeps and we made this record a couple of weeks back. It’s received a good reaction from some friends we played it to, so we thought we would include it. We’ll drop a 12” soon and see where we go from there.

12. Metropolis – Metropolis
‘Future Sound Of London’, incognito.

13. Stockholm Syndrome – Quadrophonia
The Dutch were really on the money in the early ‘90s. Beltram’s ‘Energy Flash’ nearly made it into this mix and R&S was a fantastic label. This is a cheeky reworking of an old favourite, and a great DJ tool.

14. RAW – Asuca
This record took me about ten years of searching to locate and I never owned the vinyl until a few years back. (Imagine spending ten years searching for an MP3, it just wouldn’t happen would it!) When Discobelle invited us to do the mix this was the 1st track I wrote down, which is testimony to how much I love this record. Way before Subliminal and around the time of his Reel 2 Real project, ‘Asuca’ is one of Erick Morillo’s greatest productions.

15. Stockholm Syndrome – Make You Whole (Stockholm Syndrome Dub)
We only finished this yesterday! This will be our first proper release, later this year. More mixes to come.

16. Armand Van Helden – I Want Your Soul (Fake Blood Remix)
Had to include some AVH. I DJ’d with him in 2000 at Centrofly, NYC, and we used to be signed to the same label about 8 years ago. I love ‘Ultrafunkula’ and that nearly went on, as did ‘Witch Doktor’, but we settled on this. Fake Blood is on the money right now, and he blows this record apart.

17. Lil’ Mo Yin Yang – Reach
A Vega / Morillo collaboration and another big Strictly Rhythm release.
Based around an India vocal sample ‘Reach Out For Love’, this record never fails to smash the club up.

18. Kraak & Smaak – Squeeze Me
Oh my days, how good is Ben Westbeech on this?! Kraak & Smaak are turning heads; even Perez Hilton is a fan! Not sure about his appraisal though on this sounding like an Amy Winehouse / Moby soundclash…

19. The System – You’re In My System
When our good friend Mike Fielder found out we were doing a mix for Discobelle he was more than happy to hear we were including ‘The System’. “1982’s finest record. Revolutionary!” Covered by Robert Palmer (which made it popular), however this (the original) is the version to head for. David Frank (Producer / Keyboards) was way ahead of his time here, and he went on to write some amazing tracks with Omar which, sadly went under most people’s radar.

20. The Black Ghosts – Let’s Get Physical
Olivia Newton John’s ‘Physical’ was the most successful song on the Hot 100 during the entire decade of the 80’s. The video was immense; who remembers her blue and pink leotard? Calm down Peter… Anyway, Black Ghosts cover this, brilliantly.

21. Black Kids – Dance With You (The Twelves Remix)
I guess this is Disco that’s not Disco? Brasils finest, can The Twelves do no wrong? Ok, so your Mum dances around the room to this on Jools Holland, but we like it.

22. Boys Noize – Oh! (A-Trak Remix)
We love Boys Noize. In fact we love Germany. Kanye West’s beat commander remixes this to perfection. Easily one of the best records so far this year. Mint!

23. Stockholm Syndrome – DJ’s Take Control
Of all the records to come out of the early 90’s Rave Scene, this was one of the best. We borrowed the lead synth and mashed it up.

24. Estelle feat. Kanye West – American Boy (Stockholm Syndrome Dub)
I guess we remixed our own remix. Estelle and Kanye went through the shredder and according to Rolling Stone Magazine;
“In this remix, London R&B singer gets sliced, scattered, twisted and diced. Which, apparently, is also a way you can order eggs at a Waffle House.” Ha, thanks!

25. The Black Ghosts – Any Way (Fake Blood Remix)
Black Ghosts + Fake Blood = brilliant!”

Download: Stockholm Syndrome – Mixin It Up for Discobelle.net (zShare)