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Alela & DJ Fi

May 4 2008

We just got two tracks from a new Swedish duo, Alela & DJ Fi. This is how Alela describes the project on her myspace page:

“One night I though maybe I’ll steal some ideas and make it into my own songs. I am friends with Sophie Rimheden and we have now worked together in a sort of artsy project. I have given her samples and a worddescription of my “idea” of what I want the song to sound like and she has then produced them. I have stolen from brittish synthpop, discoclassics and technobeats. The first 2 tunes will appear here now, we have 2 more to go

Hope you like!”

You can listen to their first two songs here on Discobelle. They are so fresh out of production that when we got them they didn’t even got a name. I can’t wait to hear the other two.

Alela & DJ Fi – He just stands and stares (direct link)

Alela & DJ Fi – Sizzling Summer (direct link)