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Dmitry Fyodorov – Greetings, D!

May 6 2008

Releasing one track a month is the concept of 2008. Dmitry Fyodorov releases their tracks on the 29th every month.

“Greetings, D!” – A new track from Dmitry Fyodorov saying hello to the D. So what does D stand for? Is it dance, destruction, drunkenness, death, doing it or Dadaism? Or can it be a tribute to the controversial Sergeant D? Founder of the non-profit organization “People for the Ethical Treatment of Zombies” (PETZ), working to ending the injustices that zombies worldwide have had to endure for ages.

A great cause for the undead, like Dmitry Fyodorov – bringer of havoc on dance floors and undeadliness. This is the fourth cool track of 2008, featuring roundhouse kick percussion and wicked cut-up rave vocals. This one is one exclusive one. Never before heard, neither in the rink nor on the web.

Dmitry Fyodorov – Greetings, D! (direct link)