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Mixin’ It Up: Sta

May 9 2008

A Mixin’ It Up from Canada? You know that we can’t get enough of them. It’s Sta time!

Sta is Stu Freen, coming out of Toronto, Canada. After passing around some bootleg remixes in early 2007 (notably his rework of Timbaland’s “Give it to Me” and his take on the In Living Color theme song, aptly titled “In Living Colour”) he started getting some major attention. Since then he’s been hard at work in the lab, cranking out remixes for everyone from Hail Social to The Crystal Method. His first single for In Living Colour dropped in March on Adam Freeland’s label Marine Parade to good reviews and lots of plays. Check him out in Australia later this May, where he’s playing dates in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.


Fischerspooner – Danse En France
Love the intro in this track, but the rest of it is a bit slow for my tastes. The DIM remix is great.

Cut Copy – Lights and Music (Boys Noize remix)
The man kills it on this remix. He took the original which I liked a lot and made it perfect for the dance floor.

Boys Noize – Oh! (A-Trak remix)
I’m probably breaking some DJ rule by playing two Boys Noize tracks in a row but what can I say, they’re two of my favourite new tracks. I’m actually not too hot on a lot of his stuff but this remix is great.

Midfield General – Disco Sirens (Boy 8-Bit remix)
This remix has a great intro for mixing in, peaking with the sirens half a minute in. This whole remix is pretty sick actually, although the lyrics are a bit dumb.

Adam Freeland – Hate (Sta remix)
Working for the boss man on this one. This is a remix I’m doing for the Marine Parade guys and I’m really happy with how it came out.

Liquid – Sweet Harmony (Streetlife DJs mix)
I am in love with these guys right now. First got into their Cazals remix, and their Bodycrash mix is favourite of the bunch. Cut up, engergetic, attention-grabbing stuff. My only half-beef is that the tracks go so strong the whole way through that they’re hard to mix out of, so I have to make edits.

Poney Poney – Cross the Fader (Headman remix)
I don’t know what to say about this one, it’s just a solid track. Good vocals, nice beat, tight production etc.

Daisy Daisy – Michelle Plays Ping Pong (Vicarious Bliss remix)
This is a sexy song. It’s a couple of years old but I never heard it out much, which is a crime. The ping pong sound could be a bit cheesy but somehow it just makes things even better.

Underworld – Ring Road (Fake Blood remix)
I like how the intro of this fit into the last song, I use it kind of as a bridge here. Fake Blood is sick. Is he a famous producer’s pseudonym or some guy with a computer? Who cares.

Round Table Knights – Freak from Desire
My favourite track from the Eurogirls go to Baltimore comp. I’m a sucker for cheesy piano riffs, what can I say.

Kid Cudi – Day n’ Night (Jokers of the Scene remix)
My dudes from Ottawa. They’ve been KILLING it this past year. Go Jokers. People tend to play the Crookers remix of this song out because it’s more high energy, but this one is sick too.

Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya – Fuck Friend (Yuksek & Brodinski remix)
This is another under-played track. It’s super simple, but dope none the less. I like how the lyrics fit under the Kid Cudi track.

Ladyhawke – Back of the Van (Fred Falke remix)
Someone told me that Fred Falke and Alan Brax aren’t working together any more, which is too bad. But, if Falke is going to keep making tracks like this one and his last EP, I don’t really mind.

Sta – Stay
Here’s where I slow it down a bit. This is a new track I’m working on and am kind of feeling so far. Hip hop beats and big fat synths, how can you go wrong.

Les Rythmes Digital – About Funk
I had totally forgotten this song existed until I had a random brain flash last week. For some reason it just came into my head and I remembered how awesome it is. SDP doing his best Daft Punk impression, ’nuff

Sebastian Tellier – Sexual Sportswear (SebastiAn remix)
I am feeling most of the new SebastiAn stuff a lot. “Dog” is the exception (it’s kind of shitty). I love that whole “Motor” EP though, and his Das Pop remix is really good too. This is really a SebastiAn song after he gets through with it, but I do like Sebastian Tellier a lot too.

Thanks Discobelle!

Download: Sta – Discobelle Mixin’ It Up(zShare)