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May 12 2008


Our good friend Jeansbjörn is a wiz when it comes to hiphop edits that makes people smile and the dancefloor bounce. This is a compilation mixtape that he did with his backcatalouge of remixes and edits. We also got his brand new take on Swedish rapper Petters track “Goda Dagars Magi”

Petter – Goda Dagars Magi (Jeansie Blend) (zShare)

Bjornanza РA Jeansbj̦rn Collection (Divshare)


01 Baby
02 Glider
03 Big Dreams
04 Sweetest Gurl
05 Adam Tensta/Cassius
06 When I See U
07 Roxette Party Break
08 Mo’ Ghetto
09 Sex In The Kitchen
10 Thong Song
11 Rossdust
12 Javisst Javisst
13 Teardrops (w/ Fisken)
14 Love In This Club Club