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Around The World

May 15 2008

I’m cheating on this one, but hey it’s my site so I deserve to be lazy sometimes. Here are three things that we received in the mail this week that I liked, some copy and paste later and we got ourself an around the world post!

First out is Teat Cru from Puerto Rico:

“We are Teat Cru from Puerto Rico =] and this is our music:

Kitty Rave Two Point Oh

Sexual Predator

We hope you enjoy our electro-noise-garage-dance =] “

Let’s go to Brazil:

We are a brazilian electro rock duo called Superpose from the island of Florianópolis, in the south of Brazil. Last week we released a new track, called “Calvin Klein”.

Superpose – Calvin Klein (zShare)

Israel and Sabbo is next:

Sabbo – Booty Bounce