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Mixin’ It Up: Dyce

May 16 2008

Friday! Drinking and clubbing awaits and it is almost summer here in Sweden. It’s all good! To get you all started for the weekend we bring you the pre-party as we do every Friday. This time from the land down under where it is summer all the time. Let us present Dyce!

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“Hi, this is Dyce. I’m 19 (youngest mixin’ it up on discobelle?), and reside in Brisbane, Australia. I produce a variety of club music, and am in the middle of making an EP which will feature a whole bunch of italo-disco/freestyle orientated tracks which I hope will somehow find its way to getting released before the year is out. When I’m not working on music you can probably find me spinning at either wolfgang or lick-it, two parties that are really killing it over here!

In this mix I tried to incorporate what is influencing me at the moment/the style I’m working in, whilst at the same time showcasing the music I play out live and as much new quality Australian music as possible, there’s also some rap jams I’ve really been digging lately but have never been able to play out. This mix was made by making a whole bunch of edits in Ableton and then recording it down with Serato, hence why there’s a few glitches from my shitty needles.

1. Rygar – Space Raiders

An old Italo jam, its like 8bit before 8bit music was around, I don’t think? Anyways, the sound effects and 808 drums are epic and make for a killer introduction.

2. K.G. An Da Fellas – Get Retarded

This was an old Bass track. Way Under-rated. I might’ve hyped it up a tad though with my editing skillzzz.

3. Kazey & Bulldog – Big Truck

This track is so huge. Europe is really killing the bmore club scene recently.

4. Kid Cudi – Day ‘N’ Nite(Jokers of the Scene Remix) / Nightcrawlers – Push The Feeling On

I absolutely love the original of this track, has that awesome midnight feel to it. This remix does it a lot of justice too, the atmosphere of it really reminded me of that early 90’s house sound, so when I ran it next to Push the Feeling On, it sounded so similar I decided to chop it and layer it over the top. I think it really works well.

5. Bag Raiders – Fun Punch (Bag Raiders Remix)

I can’t get away from this track!!! Every person and their sister in Australia has remixed this! And it’s getting the Fool’s Gold treatment now so who knows how many more remixes will come out. Ironically the remix I chose to use of this track is by the same guys themselves, there is no doubt they’re the kings of this country.

6. Pase Rock – So Fucking Disco / Kano – Another Life

Eli is probably my favorite producer out at the moment. And this throwback track has been my jam for around a year no. Kano was one of the first italo-disco groups to bridge the sound of italo with freestyle and electro. The synths from Another Life just worked too well over the top of the Eli produced track.

7. BMX – Theme To BMX

This track is such a jam! These guys are my friends from the sunshine coast, and they’ve been getting crazy love all over the blog-world(so much so that Jad now writes for bigstereo). The track definately reminds me of pre-festival BBQ’s, the sunshine coast and… bicycles?

8. Madonna – Holiday(Jellybean Remix) / Mc Miker G & DJ Sven – Holiday Rap (Acapella)

This remix of Holiday is made by possibly my favorite producer, John “Jellybean” Benitez. Jellybean was his moniker when he worked on electro and freestyle jams. I think he was banging Madonna at the time he made this remix, either way its fresh. The acapella/beatbox thing comes from an old dutch hiphop remake that got released only a year or two after Holiday itself was released. It kind of reminds me of how hiphop is now sampling songs less than 10 years old, but I’m pretty sure these dudes just spent all their money on awesome legionnaires caps.

9. Freeez – I.O.U.

This is one of my favorite tracks of all time, I’m not sure if Jellybean actually produced this one but he did have some input into it. Such a jam, I’m sure you’ve all heard it.

10. Freeez – I.O.U. (Dyce Remix)

I hope people think my mix of I.O.U. does it justice, anyways I made this 6 months ago and it didn’t get too much recognition but still found its way onto a few big mixes, I had to actually mix it downagain as I lost the snare sample file and the mixdown was horrible in the first place.

11. Cyber People – Void Vision / Biggie – No Problems (Acapella)

This is another lesser knon italo-disco track I’ve been feeling. I’ve always been a fan of vocoder tracks and the one used in this track is really clean. The acapella works really well over the top of it too .

12. Dyce – ?

This is one of my newer instrumental tracks, it’s not completely finished and I’m not sure if I ever will, it sounds too much like I’m trying to be 80’s film soundtrack bloghouse, and there’s oh so much of that out these days. I still really dig this track though, someone should hit me up for it to use it on a film or something.

13. Expose – Point of No Return

Another of my favorite freestyle jams. This track has probably one of the catchiest lead synth lines ever.

14. Soft Tigers – Ice Cream(Kato & Spruce Lee Remix)

This remix is really good, incorporates a whole lot of elements whilst at the same time keeping it simple. The whole Ro Sham Bo crew are absolutely killing it down there in Sydney. Kato and Spruce Lee are heading to the states real soon, promoters over there really need to book them.

15. Panther DLX – The Fall (Dyce Remix)

This is a track I remixed for a local Gold Coast band. The track has a real “coast” vibe to it too, I tried to capitalize on that too with my remix. This is going to probably be my last track in this specific distorted-electro sound, but it fit this track too well not to use it. Its also being used in an ASL surf magazine DVD coming out around May 22nd, look out for it!

16. Redial – 1985

If theres one guy who’s absolutely killing this Australian blog-house at the moment its Redial. This guy has been putting track after track of distorted goodness over the last year, its only just recently that he’s been getting the recognition he deserves signing to Ajax’s new imprint.

17. DJ Smurf – Pop That Thang Girl (Remix)

DJ Smurf AKA Mr Collipark, the now multi-millionaire who helped make Ying Yang Twinz famous, once used to make simple booty bass. Really dope booty bass. This track was re-released on his 2004 album, “Dead Crunk”. Possibly one of the best album names ever.

18. Qualo – Pockets

Qualo are yet another really awesome rap group coming out of Chicago. The chorus to this song really needs a remix, someone please get a hold of that acapella and do it justice!

19. Itch-E & Scratch-E – Sweetness & Light / DJ Deeon –Gimme Head (acapella)

In the early 90’s when I was young this track epitomized Australian techno to me. Itch-E & Scratch-E were Paul Mac and Andy Rantzen. I can mostly remember the fact they thanked their exstacy dealers for some dance music award. This track also features a real subtle and nice use of the Think break. I threw the Gimme head acapella over it to keep in the rave rap sound.

20. Wiz Khalifa – Say Yeah

This track is killing this rave-rap shit. I don’t think much needs to be said, you’ve probably all heard it.

21. Paper Route Gangstaz – Bama Getting’ Money (Diplo Remix)

I had to include something from Diplo, I’ve been such a fan of his for years. This remix is pure heat!

22. Tyga – Coconut Juice

“You were in the midst of a coco-nightmare!”, Possibly my favorite mighty boosch episode. But seriously. This is one of the first big singles on Pete Wentz’s label Decaydance and its actually pretty catchy.

23. S.Y.L.K – Work It

This is probably my favorite locally produced tracks I’ve heard in the last year. S.Y.L.K. consists of Spruce Lee, Radge(hollerfam!), their two girlfriends and Radge’s sister. I’m not sure why I’m not seeing them on video-hits every Saturday morning, but I should be!

Download: Dyce – Mixin It Up for Discobelle May 08