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New Judas Promo Mix

May 28 2008

We got this new promo mix from our Finnish friends over at New Judas Records. The promo mix is mixed by Downtown and Les Gillettes, it contains new and unreleased material from New Judas.

If you are visiting the Distortion festival in Copenhagen, be sure to check out Downtown & Les Gillettes on the 7th of June.

New Judas – Promo Mix (15:18) (direct link)


1. Let You Feet stomp – Pets On Prozac
2. Rock’n Roll Lifestyle(Original Mix) – Obi Blanche
3. Rock’n Roll Lifestyle(Jeff Doubleau Remix) – Obi Blanche
4. $$ Troopers (Downtown Remix) – Huoratron
5. It’s Menthol – Pets On Prozac
6. Make Me Cream (Downtown Remix) – Top Billin
7. Send In The Clowns – Les Gillettes
8. Shavy Nuff – Obi Blanche
9. Breath In, Breathe Out – Downtown
10. Rough Ruffin (AC Slater Remix) – Pets On Prozac
11. Send In The Clowns (Huoratron Remix) – Les Gillettes

4 thoughts on “New Judas Promo Mix

  1. Greg

    This isnt the right mix, although it is brilliant. Its the New Judas Vs Top Billin mix you’ve posted… i dont suppose you know where the tracklist for this is aswell though do you, i’m googling but not finding it…


  2. Les Gillettes

    This is the tracklist of the old NJ vs TB mix

    01. Breathe In, Breathe Out – Downtown
    02. This is Hot – Sawtooth Suckaw
    03. Jacques Your Body (Switch remix) – Les Rythmes Digitales
    04. Copious – Worthy
    05. Everybody In Here – The Yank
    06. Scratch ‘n’ Itch – Riva Starr
    07. Shimmy – Hijack
    08. Slide Action – Haydn Haydn
    09. Fogbank (Acid Jacks remix) – Boy 8-bit
    10. Send In The Clowns – Les Gillettes
    11. I Love You (Bart B More Secured Dub) – Larry Tee
    12. Sick Rabbit – Jeff Doubleu
    13. Hold Me Down (FOAMO Remix) – Primary One
    14. Rio (Herve Remix) – Bumblebeez
    15. C.Y.O.A. (AC Slater Remix) – HEATRTSREVOLUTION
    16. Lovely Bounce (Vukasin Re-edit) – The Bulgarian

  3. Greg

    Thanks man, its a great mix!

    Niklas, if i wanted to send some tracks/mixes to you what e-mail address should i send it to?

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