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Mr Suitcase – Frauds

Jun 8 2008

Cover by Azin Ashourvan

After gracing us with severel excellent tracks, Mr Suitcase returns with a new project, a sample based summer mixtape. Here’s what Billy had to say about the whole thing:

“Today sees the release of my mixtape/not mixtape or/nor album/not album “Frauds”. It started out as me wanting to do a summerish mixtape for my friends but soon found myself looping and layering fragments from tons of tracks. And when I in a fit of obsessive behaviour began recording new instruments and vocals over the samples … Well. It got a bit larger a project than I’d originally meant. But since it’s based on samples, I think it’d be wrong to call it an album. Anyway. It’s totally unhip, but here goes…”

Mr Suitcase – Frauds (Megaupload)