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What’s in the dropbox? (week 26)

Jun 23 2008

Got skillz?Let’s check out some of the tunes from the DropBox (thanks to soundcloud):

Hey, my name is Sleazy-E from Montreal and this is a club track I did recently, It samples tribe’s “represent”, the JB’s “the grunt pt.1” and has some phat kat vocals on it. Anyways its a “wild the fuck out in the club” kinda thing. check it.

Sleazy-E – Turn It Up (direct link)

New track from Sydney, Australia, Cheers, Ryan.

R!M!E -To The Ground (direct link)

Theo, New artist/DJ emerging from Rhode Island. It’s good music.

Theo “Say It Right” (Prod. By Kris Fame) (direct link)

Electro banger, samples Laidback Luke for a short snippet of vocals. Hard rugged and raw, we are unsigned and shopping our EP out. Find us at.

Hoods Up! – Break The House

Disco Knights Created Perfect For Bedroom Dancers, Midnight Swingers, Hustlers, Lovers, Thives, Burglars, Night Riders & Miami Vicers.
This Is One Of The Candidates To The Animation Spectacle Album.

We Are Monsters – Disco Knights [Single Edit]

his track is my last tune, get into the Parade with me! Kinda electro / down-tempo / funky / manga style / dunno what else style :D I tryed to create a atmosphere of… “Sweet violence”, I hope you will apreciate,
Cheers from France, Shad the BeatFcKr

Shad the BeatFcKr – Parade (direct link)

exclusive from the bay area

Matt Jocelyn – DJ Play My Song!! (direct link)

This is a surly acid break called The Hawk. Its got big basslines and swirling acid accents all over top of a big in your face breakbeat.Its the first single off my new E.P. entitled Clouds of Dust. You can find this and more at here or here.

The Hawk -Dusty Johnston (direct link)

a “fidget” house track with many small pieces, samples & loops

Norm D – pieces (direct link)

a somewhat weird track that is sort of a combination of things we (schädelverletzung) enjoy. this has been our set opener recently and it never disappoints.

Schädelverletzung – Turn It Up (direct link)

minimalistic techno

alf3000 – Circumference (direct link)

That’s all for our first look in the DropBox. Please tell us what you think of the new format (yes DropBox will replace We Got Mail).