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Shilo Presents: Sinden

Jun 25 2008

The third installment in the Shilo Presents series just hit the internet.

It was always going to be hard to compete with the 2 previous DJ mixes in the series (large up Pretty Titty, Chris Devlin) but i managed to surpass them (haha jokes!). Nah serious that’s too bold a claim, but I am happy with how it turned out. Its a fair representation of some of the jams i’m playing in my club sets right now. And the mix is very ‘right now’. As I write this, none of the tracks have been released yet. Not that I just play dubs, mind. I draw loads of old and familiar tunes, too, because that would be dumb and who cares how exclusive you are anyhow. I really wanted the mix to be a kinda preview to a whole bunch of stuff to get excited about in the forthcoming months. It was a good place to air some new productions fresh out the HD (machines dont care, the count and sinden) and big up a few new cats too (rude kid, detboi, mujava). Enjoy!
– Graeme Sinden

Go to We Make It Good to get tracklist and some notes on each track.

Shilo Presents: We Make It Good Mix Series, Vol.03 Sinden (direct link)