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Emynd EP

Jul 16 2008


Philly dj/producer Emynd has been blowing up lately with a series of excellent blends and remixes. Today sees the digital release of his EP “Philly 2 Bmore” on Unruly Records and “To All My Haters” is the opening track and it sounds a little something like this:

A pretty simple and traditional track with a lot of bass and a menacing synth line. I rocked the most memorable line from Shawty Lo’s “Dey Know” (“…to all my Haters!”) and added a silly “F*ck you!” chant but this is by no means a “Dey Know” remix–it’s a whole new song. So far, this ish has worked really well in the club alongside alot of the more aggressive Bmore that a lot of us already play. People love yelling “F*ck you!” apparently. Obviously, this track is really Mike Mumbles and Say Wut inspired.”

Emynd – To All My Haters (zShare)