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Mixin’ It Up: dj.dstar

Jul 25 2008

dj.dstar has been smashing dancefloors this summer with his remixes of “Shoulda Let You Go” and “Push The Feeling On”. Now it’s time for him to do the same with this weeks Mixin’ It Up:

“Hello, I’m dj.dstar from Buffalo, New York.
I DJ, make music, remix music, and everything else in between. Big ups to Discobelle for having me; I haven’t done a mixtape in awhile and people have been blowing me up about it so the timing is perfect to say the least. I like to play everything in my live sets, but this mix is pretty heavy on the bass…I’m a party DJ by nature and I do a variety of events so its not every day I get to play a super gully electro set of all dirty house…fun stuff! Expect a lot of house, electro and bassline in this mix!

1. dj.dstar – Intro

I went for the NYC mixtape vibe on the intro of this tape. When I started DJing, I used to love checking for rap mixtapes – back when crazy scratch intros were still cool. I figured some people coming from this side of music might never have heard this style so I wanted to try something a little different. Now note I’m from upstate NY, but we hardly ever get anthems like this written up here :) – but don’t forget about us, we still go hard up here!

2. Lil’ Wayne – A Milli (dj.dstar edit)

Everyone knows this is the hottest song in the States right now, so I had to kick it off proper. My edit is pretty simple, just adds a touch of my flavor while hanging onto the familiarity of the original chart topper.

3. Tricky – Council Estate (Kotchy Remix)

Straight fire!!! Very original, and very hard.

4. Taio Cruz – Come On Girl (Delinquent Remix)

I became obsessed with the bassline scene out of the UK when it popped a few months ago. Delinquent has some really nasty stuff, and I can get away with it even in some of the more mainstream clubs I play because they’ve done a lot of remixes for top40 artists…the J Holiday Bed remix is also highly recommended.

5. Hoods Up! (aka. dj.dstar & L-ion) – Bass Drop (Demo Version)

This summer when I was kicking back in good ole’ Buffalo, my partner L-ion and I decided to start making some club jams and remix some shit. This is one we came up with. We have a ton of tunes we’re sitting on, hoping to someday put out an EP when we get the chance.
Peep us

6. Kromestar – Get Up

When Fatman Scoop said “Bass Drop,” he meant it! Dirty!!!

7. Thunderheist – Jerk It (Nacho Lovers Remix)

I met these guys awhile back in Buffalo. Good people and I’m glad they’re doing it big…this has been my jam lately.

8. Machines Don’t Care – Afro Jacket

Love the Mike Jones sample, to say the least! Everyone in this camp is nasty as hell.

9. Keyshia Cole – Shoulda Let You Go (dj.dstar bassline remix)

This is a bassline inspired remix I did awhile back. People really seemed to dig it, and it even made its way in the Washington Post somehow.

10. Math Head – Turn The Music Up
11. Math Head – Turn The Music Up (AC Slater Remix)

This entire EP is so well produced. I hear something new every time I listen to it. Incredible.

12. AC/DC – Thunderstruck (Crookers Remix)

FIREEEE, I’ve been loving the Crookers lately. This track causes problems in the club!!!

13. Hoods Up! – Got That Wild Style (Demo Version)

R.I.P. Big L!

14. Proxy – 40 Seconds

Robocop sample is priceless. This is the point in the mix where I say to myself…”damn I really took it to the rave…”

15. South Rakkas Crew – Mad Again (DJ Sega Remix)

…so then I put on some DJ Sega and it’s all better. Baltimore Club and Dancehall with a dash of one of the best house tracks ever…you’ve gotta be nuts to not feel it.

16. Boy 8-Bit – Ghosthouse (Suspense Is Killing Me pt. 2)
17. Boy 8-Bit – Suspense Is Killing Me

Boy 8-Bit is one of my favorite new artists. Between the wide span of influences and sounds he draws from, the great tones he achieves, and the way his tracks unfold so well…

18. Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You

This is one of my faves of all time. I know you’ve heard it before, but come on, I had to cool you off after all that rave :)

That’s it! Thanks a lot for listening, and don’t forget to check me out!

Download: dj.dstar – Mixin’ It Up for Discobelle