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Plimsouls mega post

Jul 27 2008


British wonderkid producer Matt Plimsouls brought these three tracks to our attention and since we think all the tracks he churns out are incredible there was no question that it was time for a Plimsouls mega post.

Here’s what Matt wrote: “The originals were for a label, but they’re taking their time so I’m sending them out to blogs. The remix is for a Bristol band called Turbowolf, who should hopefully get massive in the next few months”.

Plimsouls – Into The Night (YSI)

Plimsouls – Into The Night (zShare)

Plimsouls – A History Lesson (YSI)

Plimsouls – A History Lesson (zShare)

Turbowolf – Power (Plimsouls Remix) (YSI)

Turbowolf – Power (Plimsouls Remix) (zShare)