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Lorentz & M. Sakarias mixtape

Aug 6 2008


Lorentz & M. Sakarias are the rising stars on the Swedish hip hop scene. Their excellent new mixtape “Sommaren i City” (which is a preview for the their upcoming album “Vi Mot Världen”) showcases their skills along with their playfulness. Produced by Jeansbjörn & Yxa, the only bad thing about it is that it wasn’t released at the beginning of the summer.

Lorentz & M. Sakarias – Sommaren i City mixtape (zip file, zShare)


01. Intro
02. Mayhem
03. A Milli UMYO mix,trix,fix
04. M Punkt Baby
05. Giftig Remix
06. Futurecop
07. Kraften E Med Dig (Jeansbjörn Remix)
08. Melodi
09. Vi Maxar
10. Precis SÃ¥n Mode Remix
11. They Wanna Know Remix
12. 4-Ever Juvenile Remix (Kocky feat. Lorentz)
13. PÃ¥ Drift
14. Lite Mer
15. Say Yeah Remix (Wiz Khalifa feat. Lorentz & M.Sakarias)