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Aug 11 2008


Have you ever wanted to know how a Discobelle radio show would sound like? Now you have the chance to find out, we are going to do a show on TheHype.FM from now on. It will be mixes from us, interviews, mixes from people we like and other madness. We will try to have some kind of show up and running every week.

If you don’t think listening to our show is enough they will also have shows from among others Discodust, Curb Crawlers, Big Stereo, Red Threat, Electro Rash, Jacuzzi Killers and Circa 1981.

TheHype.FM is legit & fully licensed, meaning that all signed artists played on the station receive royalties each time their music is broadcasted.

Go there and check out when our show is airing and bookmark your new favorite radio channel.