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Mixin’ it up: Zebo

Aug 15 2008

This time we got Zebo who made this mix after he came back from playing at Lollapalooza. Zebo is about to have a 12” on the way on a new record label he started with Marco Morales called “Hot Dog Records”, featuring tracks from DJ Rampage, Elroy Vanderley, Redd Foxx, and myself. Each release name coming from a classic hot dog spot in Chicago and will be on vinyl as well as digital. Enough talk from me. Give it away Zebo!

Here is my mix. I had fun with it. It is made up of newer tracks that have grabbed my attention recently, but that I have not really played out that much. So most of them were unfamiliar to me so it was nice to discover some quality music.

1. Munk – Live Fast Die Old (Headman Remix)

This was my favorite remix of the couple that I’ve heard. That rolling bass sets a nice tone for the beginning of a mix. There is something real familiar about the tune that I can’t put my finger on.

2. Maral Salmassi – Firegem (Acidkids Remix)

The breakdown in this track is absolute bonkers. I love the drum work and have yet to hear this one on a proper system.

3. Doobie Brothers – What a Fool Believes (Chew Fu Hustle Song Refix)

Doobie Brothers? Seriously? Has such a feel good party tone that you have to move and dance. I really got down with the verses in this track and how it worked with the beat.

4. DJ Rob 3 – The Chase

Gotta give love to a Chi-town bredren with an amazing tune. At the right time this track can take the party to the next level. Rob and his crew have been grinding out here and have brought some great music. Expect some mean tracks from him in the future.

5. Sammy Bananas – Work Me

Another Sammy Bananas banger. I really get into his production and find myself droppin’ his tunes on the regular. They work well with a wide variety of crowds and always come correct.

6. Bird Peterson – Across 110th Street

The first time that I heard this I almost shed a tear. I have always loved the original and Bird came correct with the refix. Having a faster quantized version of a Bobby Womack classic is priceless.

7. Harvard Bass – Stitches

I heard this a few months back and was hooked. The production is very solid and hits so perfectly on a system.

8. Clark Able – Back in the Bronx (HiJack Remix)

Gotta throw some fidget in the mix. This going into the Fake Blood remix creates an epic trance breakdown. EPIC

9. Little Boots – Stuck on Repeat (Fake Blood Remix)

The mix from the Clark Able track was like out of an epic trance show. I really like this remix by Fake Blood and have noticed all of the buzz around their tracks and see why. This production is sick.

10. Louis La Roche – On The Floor

I randomly came upon a pack of this guy’s tracks and each one of them was dope. Solid French House. I think this guy is fairly young as well which shows that he has some great potential. The production and sound quality on this tune puts him up there with the big guys.

11. Krames – Whatever She Said

I Really dig a lot of Krames tracks. He picks good samples and knows how to put a track together in an interesting fashion. I was just thinking about this Redman track and then heard this remix and knew it had to go on the mix.

12. Bonde Do Role – Melo Do Tobaco (Jokers of the Scene Remix)

Bonde Do Role and Jokers of the Scene. That is really all you have to say.

13. DJ Sega – Be Remix

Sega is another one of those cats that doesn’t disappoint. Many of his bangers are included in my club sets and people always go off when they hear one.

14. The Ashton Shuffle – Stomp Yo Shoes (SHAZAM Remix)

I stumbled on this track a few days ago and really felt it. I see this working well at the party. Big Tings.

15. Stuffa Andy feat. Mapei – Pretty Girls Krazy Fiesta

Can’t get enough Mapei! This works every time.

16. Zero Cash – I Get Down

This track came to me from one of those dj service email things. Where you get tunes and if you are nice give some feedback on them. A lot of those tunes you get are just “meh”, but this one definitely stuck out as being quality.

17. Amphibious – What Happened?

This is killin’ it right now in the club. How could it not? Those edits are nice.

18. Emynd – Rock This Park

The Rock Creek Park Sample was an amazing touch. It is really what hooked me on this tune. It gets the party live and adds a touch of soul.

19. Hey Champ – In the White City – (Zebo Remix)

I just finished this remix the other day. Samples Boney M’s classic disco track, “Ma Baker.” The Hey Champ Djs did a great job of making a dance floor banger. My remix gives it a B-more / House / Fidget sort of feel.

Download: Zebo – Mixin’ it up for Discobelle (Sharebee)


Hey Champ – In the White City (Zebo Remix) (zShare) (link updated with mastered version)

21 thoughts on “Mixin’ it up: Zebo

  1. ohwnt

    don’t want to be a hater, but this mix kinda lacks.
    ok, it really lacks, kinda sucks. i’m all for ADHD//OCD, but sorry, zeebs, just not feelin the flavor. i really only like the inclusion of the doobie bros– but most of the credit has to go to chew fu for that one, so…. two points for the bobby womack for putting images of pam grier and jackie/foxy brown into my head.
    bring on the hate towards me, i reckon.

  2. Mel

    Not enough Gavin DeGraw for you, Ohwnt?

    Go back to your shitty blog, this mix is dope and Zebo is that dude.

  3. Zebo

    Ohwnt… I am not mad at ya. You made your post as a matter of personal preference and hopefully expressed yourself honestly. I dont’ see how this mix is ADHD / OCD so maybe you will have to elaborate on that one. You never really got into what you thought it was lacking. I am all for constructive criticism so please site examples to back up your point as it makes it easier for others to understand where you are coming from.

    I could have done a mix with all of the summer jams that we have all heard many times, but I chose to do something different as this was the 3rd mix I have put out in a month and wanted to step out of my comfort zone. Like the first paragraph states, these are tracks that I am not that familiar with and wanted to give them a chance and some exposure.

  4. Graciass

    How can you hate on this!!!. If you’ve heard this cats recent mixes you should know he’s doing his thing, not afraid to take the left turn. Keep it up!.

  5. Willy Joy

    You gotta love Zebo. There’s a lot of thought in this mix, my dude is deeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. He’s also KILLING IT in general right now.

  6. Daveee

    lotta chi love in here and i gotta show some too. zeb’s doin the damn thing just about everyway and everyday. Damn i need me some booty up tonight.

  7. (thee) MIKE B

    Zebo is the man… this mix is proper. I can only assume I’ll have something called The Wieners Circle EP soon? Hold the celery salt.

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