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Purple Crush in Malmö

Aug 21 2008


Just had to do this post about a mega party that the fine people in Swim Fast are throwing tomorrow night at Debaser here in Malmö. The night will feature performances from Brooklyn blog favorites in the electro/hip hop/dance/80’s/booty duo Purple Crush, Swedish technopop connoisseurs The Field + more bands and a ton of local dj’s. If you’re in the area, this is a must visit.

This track “Go Digital” is a storming updated 80’s disco track that sees Purple Crush team up with rising NYC rapper Leif. Check out the new Purple Crush album “Blog Party” that was just released.

Purple Crush (ft. Leif) – Get Digital (YSI)

Purple Crush (ft. Leif) – Get Digital (Sharebee)

PS. If you’re in the Öresund region, you can also catch them on saturday at the amazing Trailer Park Festival in Copenhagen together with among others Fagget Fairys, AC Slater, Boody B, Kasper Björke and Djuna Barnes.