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Romanthony – Curious (Treasure Fingers remix)

Aug 21 2008


Yeah, we know Aleks Discodust AKA finder of all amazing unknown gems already posted this but we just got the go ahead so here you go.

This is a new track called “Curious” from American house producer/dj Romanthony (who is the voice of the Daft Punk classics “One More Time” and “Too Long”. He is also the owner of Black Male Records and creator of house/dance classics such as “Bring U Up”, “Let Me Show You love” & “The Wanderer”). This remix from Treasure Fingers (yeah, the guy that’s blowing up worldwide with that “Cross The Dancefloor” track) is a synth banger that features some vocoder laced housestyle vocals + handclaps and one funky drive in order to get the party going.

Romanthony – Curious (Treasure Fingers remix) (direct link)