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Flosstradamus mix

Aug 22 2008


No real Mixin’ It Up today but the peeps over at Mad Decent dropped a podcast/mix filled with early Chicago house/ghetto tech etc from one of our favorite dj duos, Flosstradamus. Here’s an excerpt from the blog post:

“Curt from Flosstradamus here. Just giving you the low down on this podcast. The boy Diplo asked us to do a Dancemania pod cast. If you don’t know about it Dancemania is a label out of Chicago that started in the mid 80’s with some pretty known anthems and artists. It wasn’t till the early 90’s when the more known names such as: DJ Funk, Paul Johnson, DJ Deeon, etc. were putting out heaters on DM, with ghetto and disco sounds. Within a few years the label put out more songs than you could download in one day off of hype machine. By 2001 they put out the DM 300 12″!! Over 300 songs on a single independent label out of Chicago! Pretty cool if ya ask me? That being said we had to choose from a nice handful of songs for a 30 minute mix. Also, the original approach for this mix tape was “ghetto house” also known as juke, ghetto tech, jit, among others. So we tried to merge a few of our favorite (I’m sure you have a handful too) Dancemania “Ghetto House” tunes with some new & exclusive Ghetto House tunes of today. I hope you like the lil mix we whipped up.”

Mad Decent Worldwide Radio #34 – Flosstradamus (direct link)


Intro – Reese & Santonio – Rock to the beat (With our famous friends drop)
Parris Mitchell – Bitches & Money
Jammin Gerald – Energy
Paul Johnson – Booty Call
Houz’Mon – 101 Rx
DJ Slugo – Wouldn’t You Like to be a Hoe?
Dj Funk – f___k ya
Wax Master Maurice – Crazy Tunes
Paul Johnson – Feel my M.F. Bass
Dj Milton – Hit It Rx
Gant-Man – Juke Dat Girl From Tha Back
Crookers – Push It (Gant-Man Juke Remix)
Traxman – Get Down Lil Mama
DJ Puncho – Get Down Low
– My Baby Mamma
DJ Clent – Kswiss
Dj Deeon- Fuck Me on the Floor
DJ Chip – ifyaseeem
DJ Thadz – In Da House
Myninecan Piss – GrabaHo
* Shake it to the ground (Acapella)*
DJ Clent – Bounce (Juke Anthem)
DJ Spinn – Bounce N’ Break Yo Back
DJ Slugo – Where the Ratz?
Count – Ghetto Bitches (Sinden Remix)
Totally Michael – Casual Satisfaction (Flosstradamus leak early copy edit/remix)
Kill Frenzy – Just Breathe (Juke Remix)