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Don Rimini remix competition

Aug 23 2008


So, today is my birthday and what better way to celebrate than to provide all you faithful Discobelle readers and producers/dj’s with a competition.

French demon producer Don Rimini just released his “Kick N Run EP” on which the stormer of a track “Hools” is included. In collaboration with Darling Department and Mental Groove Records we give you the parts to the track and hope you’ll remix the hell out of them. We’ve got Don Rimini t-shirt and records for the lucky winners.

E-mail your contest entries here (Note that in order to not clog up our mailserver too much, please post the remixes on a filehosting service and give us the link). The deadline is October 15th.

Don Rimini – Remix Competition part 1 (zip file, zShare)

Don Rimini – Remix Competition part 2 (zip file, zShare)

22 thoughts on “Don Rimini remix competition

  1. Ryan

    Happy Birthday mate! Your mixes have been on my iPod for over a year so keep up the amazing work.

  2. Pedro

    happy b-day dude, know i’m late.

    also y’should mention the deadline for the remix

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  4. Komakizz

    but just some shirts and records? and when is the deadline??

  5. Jordy

    Happy birthday, ive already sent in my version true email. Love the artwork also btw, coowl cartoon on it:-)


  6. Walt

    Just added this contest on my weblog remix-contest.com ! If you are interested in remix contests, just come over and visit me! Good luck to all you remixers!

  7. DaKrishna

    yeyeye just passing by 2 say
    happy birthday mate
    you’re killing !!!

  8. soda&suds

    can someone pleazze reupload the tracks, zshare isn’t working!
    thanks in advance!

  9. Michael

    Soda&suds, the deadline was 15 october, I guess you are to late:-)

  10. lazerboy

    So we all wanna know who are the remix winners ? and where can we listen

  11. dfeed

    what lazerboy said!!!! big ups for doing this, but who are the winners?

  12. Michael

    I would also like to know that, or at least a date that that info will be published…

  13. Michael

    If i had known it would work with a voting system I wouldn’t have participated, now there are some really crap remixes with a lot of votes and the other way round..

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