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XXXChange mix

Sep 6 2008


One of our favorite dj’s, XXXChange, just put out a new mix. When not busy with producing or touring the world with the likes of Spank Rock, Santogold, Devlin & Darko etc. he’s stays at home and cranks out mixes (you might remember his recent film soundtrack only mix for We Make It Good/Shilo) and this latest mix is a better reflection of what he plays in the club.

XXXChange – Live at home mix (zShare)

1. Black Ghosts “I Want Nothing”
2. Bag Raiders “Fun Punch” (xxxchange remix. mash version)
3. Ghost Hustler ” Busy Busy Busy” (Prince Klassen re-edit)
4. LCD Soundsystem “Get Innocuous” (Soulwax Remix)
5. Daft Punk “Alive”
6. Kissy Sellout “Her” (Touche remix)
7. Fake Blood “Blood Splashing”
8. Xinobi “Day Off”
9. Channing “Peanutz Enhancer” (Mobbing remix instrumental)
10. The Kills “Cheap and Cheerfull” (Sebastian Remix)
11. Unknown “Heartbroken” (cover version!?!)