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Dre Skull – Sissy Bounce mix

Sep 13 2008


Brooklyn producer/dj Dre Skull has a new mix out and it’s influenced by the New Orleans Sissy Bounce scene. Here’s the story behind the mix:

“New Orleans is a unique city and as far as music scene’s go, Sissy Bounce stands alone. Gender bending rappers have the city of New Orleans on lock, performing 5 to 6 nights a week for large, predominately straight crowds. Their ability to get the girls bouncing trumps all and there’s nothing else quite like it in American music. On and off over the last 6 months, Dre Skull has been down in New Orleans recording with a number of bounce artists and prior to his recent Australian tour he put together this exclusive Sissy Bounce podcast for XLR8R Magazine to accompany their Sissy photo spread that’s out now in the current issue. Also, be on the lookout for an upcoming Dre Skull produced single by Sissy Nobby.”

Enjoy the mix!

Dre Skull – Sissy Bounce mix (direct link)


01 Dre Skull Intro
02 Big Freedia “Ahan Oh Yeah” (Money Rules Entertainment)
03 Katey Red & Big Freedia “They Ready” (White Label)
04 Katey Red “Melpomene Block Party” (Take Fo Records)
05 Sissy Nobby “Break It Down” (Hood Status)
06 Big Freedia “Dribble” (White Label)
07 Sissy Nobby “Snake” (Hood Status)
08 Sissy Nobby “Loopy” (Hood Status)
09 Sissy Nobby “Rewind” (Hood Status)
10 Big Freedia “Fuck Ur Man” (White Label)
11 Katey Red “Hungry” (Take Fo Records)
12 Big Freedia “Hit Me On My Next” (White Label)
13 Katey Red & Big Freedia “Stupid” (Take Fo Records)
14 Sissy Nobby “Consequences” (Hood Status)
15 Sissy Nobby “Da Letter” (Hood Status)
16 Katey Red “Tiddy Bop” (Take Fo Records)
17 Katey Red “Local New Orleans” (Take Fo Records)