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Kool DJ Dust – Beats In Space mix

Sep 21 2008


Kool DJ Dust AKA Stockholm dj, cratedigger and former skwee affiliate Daniel Savio has been featured here on Discobelle in the past. He will re-release the album “The Disco Opera” (which originally came out in 2006) on Swedish label Service on September 23rd. The concept album consists of 19 tracks and revolves around the battle between an evil dj who has enslaved the club life in a city with soulless tracks/mixes and the hero Dust who is on a mission to find a magic record to in order to free the crowds. The album is packed with samples and it’s a sweet journey of smooth discofunk. Kool DJ Dust recently did a set for the Beats In Space radioshow which showcases his style and it perfectly suits these lazy sunday afternoons.

Kool DJ Dust at Beats In Space – September 9th 2008 (direct link)