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New Judas

Sep 24 2008

Our friends at New Judas sent over two tracks from their new releases. So if you are a fan of the label then you got a little Christmas coming up on Friday when their three new releases are coming out.

First out is a split 12″ from Pets On Prozac and Obi Blanche and then there is one digital release from each of them.

Pets On Prozac – Ruff Ruffin/Obi Blanche – Rag Tag Vagabonds, JUDAS004 Split 12″
Obi Blanche – Ragtag Vagabonds, JUDS005 Digital EP
Pets On Prozac – Ruff Ruffin, JUDAS006 Digital EP

Pets On Prozac – Aso Bosa (direct link)

Obi Blanche – Jesus (Downtown remix) (direct link)