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Sep 24 2008


Sekta AKA Jan Dudzik is one of the guys behind the Sorry, Ghettoblaster club which happens to be the best and most popular club right now in Warsaw, Poland. He has a background as a dj and producer in the polish hip-hop scene. Upon moving to London, Sektas influences turned towards the exploding dance music scene where his early dance productions caught the attention of people such as Don Rimini and Boy 8 Bit for whom he did a remix of the track “Auto Riot” (he has also shared the stage with both of them).

Sekta just finished his first two official tracks and we got them for you. “Alone on the Dancefloor” sees him leaning towards that new french electro sound and it’s a dynamic, banging clubfriendly track which is guaranteed to make the dancefloor pop. The second track, “Final” is darker and has a more cinematic feel which makes it more suited for nightly bike rides home through urban landscapes.

Sekta – Alone On The Dancefloor (zShare)

Sekta – Final (zShare)

16 thoughts on “Sekta

  1. rkf

    “Final” is my favourite. We listened to it while driving through a huge thunderstorm/tempest – amazing.

  2. Anonymous

    This guy is a real pompous arsehole – typical polack thinking he’s made it big by copying what everyone else has been doing for years.

  3. mark mark

    jeeez, what kind of an arsehole would make this kind of anonymous comments?
    yo mama wouldn’t be proud.
    love the tracks, btw.

  4. Anonymous

    Here’s his highly lul-worthy bio where he compares himself to the Ed Banger crew (demonstrating both how delusional he is as well as his cringe-inducing lack of taste) and lets all of us know just what a “young musical gifted” he truly is.

    “Sekta started as a DJ in 1999 and has undergone a transformation that has evolved from his original hip-hop origins into a mish mash of electro, disco, house, hip-hop, favela funk, miami bass, baltimore with a collision of baltimore and old school reggae. Such a winning combination of musical genres has helped to make Sekta one of the highest regarded connoisseurs of new french and has even seen him compared to the likes of the artistes residing on the almighty Ed Banger Records label (whose rosta boasts Justice, Uffie, Sebastian and Surkin amongst many others). In this, Sekta stands alongside the Ed Banger crew as a strong leader in what is known as “la révolution française”.

    The last eight years have been a roller coaster of immense proportions in which Sekta has hosted soundtrack to parties around Poland, Czech Republic and Austria supporting the likes of Afu-Ra, Group Home, De La Soul, Beat Junkies Crew, Prince Paul, Preverted Monks, Blak Twang, Mr. Gentleman, Declaime, Grand Agent, and Beat Camp Soundsystem. Not one to shy away from leading the way forward, Sekta has also lead Polish groups Grammatik (as a band dj), Pezet/Noon, O.S.T.R, Masala Soundsystem (as a scratcher), Lona, Flexxip, and Echo.

    Not only has Sekta been creating havoc on dancefloors around Europe, he has also participated in events such as the International Astigmatic Festival and Philips GoGear Tour – all whilst spending the last five years producing his own music and beginning to generate a sound that has become distinctive on the underground thanks to his musical appearances in sets by the legendary DJ Touche and Don Rimini. And as if all of that weren’t enough to keep a young DJ/Producer busy, Sekta is currently finishing his first EP – a guaranteed collection of fresh club tracks to accompany the career of the young musical gifted that is Sekta.”

  5. rkf

    Guys, look at the bright side “anonymous” here might be a small envious creature with limited brainpower that he uses only for bitching online (get a life dude)… but If I’m right, and I probably am, he/she is polish. So his use of english here, although for purposes that I do not approve of means that we are no longer a nation of non-english speaking xenofobes. And for that I salute him!

  6. Kazey

    Let’s go Poland !!!
    Final is a fucking good track.

    Stay fresh Sekta !!!

  7. Lanoklak

    I have never been a well known DJ, because I only know how to do a field recording and make a harsh noise track.

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