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Mondkopf – Sainte

Sep 26 2008


Upcoming Parisian producer Mondkopf (known for his acclaimed remixes/edits of Grand National, The Teenagers, Johnny Cash) is about to unleash his debut EP upon an unsuspecting world. The EP is called “(Declaration of) Principles” and will be released on October 4th (limited to 500 vinyl copies) by new label Fool House (run by the Fluokids who are definetely taking it up a notch). The track “Sainte” shows off Mondkopfs style which is crunchy yet beautiful techno laced with a booming beat and zapping synth melodies to create a fresh new sound coming out of France.

Mondkopf – Sainte (YSI)

Mondkopf – Sainte (Sharebee)