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0131 – Flowerpower remix

Sep 27 2008


0131 is the name of an italian duo composed by G (also known as GQ) and Alessandro Cattelan. They’ve been gaining some attention in their homecountry and recently also abroad with their single “Sunglasses” (produced by Borut from Scuola Furano) and the remixes that followed from dj.dstar etc. The boys are gearing up to do a video remix contest competition on Qoob TV in the next few weeks and they’ll work with Congorock for a new single. We recently got Flowered Milks Flower Power remix of the “Sunglasses” track and it’s nothing hippie about up instead it’s a chugging electro track.

0131 – Sunglasses (Flowered Milks Flower Power remix) (direct link)