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Leisure time!

Sep 27 2008


Dmitry Fyodorov are about to release their new monthly song on the 29th, but we got it a little bit ahead of everyone else. This 9th track is one of the best in the series so far, a real banger!

The ongoing series of releases with Dmitry Fyodorov, that Adrian Recordings is doing every 29th of 2008, is not just one brick after the other. It’s a stair, and it brings us down every time. This is the deepest, darkest, moldiest piece up to date, therefore also the best and most uplifting. A track for days of leisure. You know – your own free time – being free from civilization, booking flights to Berlin, staying awake for days, listening to techno, not knowing what day it is, not caring if the world ends. Leisure time!

Dmitry Fyodorov – Leisure (direct link)