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Somewhere in Aspen

Oct 5 2008

Luminfire who runs the music blog Ants in My Trance sent over his latest mix. If you are a faithful reader of Discobelle you might remember his “We got mail” back in 2007. This time, instead of finding us the heat, he brings the heat with his brand new mix.

“The mix is called *Somewhere in Aspen*. The title is a reference to a T-Pain lyric off his song “Can’t Believe It”: “I’ll put you in the log cabin/Somewhere in Aspen.” The actual mix has nothing to do with T-Pain, but I thought the concept was pretty funny. The mix itself is pop-oriented. It features a lot of new stuff as well as ’70s/’80s throwback.”

Luminfire – Somewhere in Aspen (zshare)

Tracklist after the jump:

00:00: Intro
00:14: Ladyhawke – “Dusk Till Dawn” [Modular, 2008]
02:36: Bryan Ferry – “Kiss and Tell (Dance Mix)” [Virgin, 1988]
08:37: Lloyd – “Love Spaceship” [Universal, 2008]
12:12: Baby’s Gang – “America” [Memory, 1985]
18:43: Lisa – “Jump Shout (Remix Version)” [Moby Dick, 1982]
23:56: Larabell – “I Can’t Stop” [Many, 1985]
27:39: Caroline Loeb – “Narcissique” [ZE, 1986]
30:46: Padded Cell [ft. Chloé Battant] – “World of Mouth” [DC, 2008]
33:35: Droids – “Shanti Dance, Pt. 2” [Barclay, 1978]
35:32: Juvelen – “A Dream” [Hybris, 2008]
30:30: Kleerup – “On My Own Again” [Virgin, 2008]
43:31: The Immortals – “The Ultimate Warlord” [RCA Victor, 1979]
49:12: Peppermint – “Light a Light (U.S. Remix)” [RJM, 1987]
54:48: Lene Lovich – “Wonderland (New York Dance Mix)” [Pathfinder,1989]
62:45: Roxy Music – “Angel Eyes” [ATCO, 1979]
65:45: Secondo – “Kuwait” [Soul Jazz, 2008]
70:36: Lio – “Tu Es Formidable (Tony Mansfield Version & Remix)” [ZE,1988]
73:32: Annie – “Songs Remind Me of You” [Island, 2008]
77:22: Futurecop! – “Gateaux Blaster” [blogs, 2008]
81:13: Freddie Mercury – “Love Kills (Extended Version)” [Columbia,1984]
86:06: Walter Jones – “The Odyssey Sound (Mogg & Naudascher Edit)”[Death From Abroad, 2008]
92:31: Lindstrøm – “Grand Ideas” [Smalltown Supersound, 2008]

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  1. Doc

    Yeah, it was in Annie Mac’s latest mix if I recall correctly. As for the track on it’s own, not sure. It’ll get released on Saturday so it should appear then…

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