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Far & Son

Oct 12 2008


Far & Son is the latest project from Frej (who is also involved with Slagsmålsklubben and the Maskinen project), here he joins forces with Simon Gärdenfors. Signed to the Hybris label it’s a bit similar to Maskinen with it’s partylaced electro/hip hop beat and frantic rapping in Swedish, this is entertaining and fun stuff.

Far & Son – Panik (YSI)

Far & Son – Panik (Sharebee)

BONUS: Producer Phatzoo did a sweet and crazy dancey remix for us to enjoy.

Far & Son – Panik (Phatzoo remix) (YSI)

Far & Son – Panik (Phatzoo remix) (Sharebee)

11 thoughts on “Far & Son

  1. Marcus

    har far & son kanske lyssnat några gånger för mycket på jump n shout? troligt. men det resulterade ju i en väldigt bra låt.

  2. Serj

    Wow)))))))))))The best video in this year)Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)))))))))

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