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What’s in the dropbox? (week 41)

Oct 12 2008

Got skillz?

Let’s have another go at the dropbox. We are getting more and more stuff every week so it is hard to get the time to do the selection now. But we try to keep it down a bit since people have been complaining that the posts are getting too long. So here is our picks since the last time we posted the dropbox. We haven’t had time to listen to the stuff that you sent us the last couple of days, so if it’s good enough it will end up in the next dropbox post.

Here we go:

Syntonics – Hook Up My Tonez (direct link)

“Here’s another new one for you..”Hook Up My Tonez”….it’s about phone sex..hehe……lemme know if u wanna do a remix…peace.” barbi c

Jean Balaise – Crack Age Jean Balaise (direct link)

“Summer Is Over….Not Jean Balaise =)”.

==> Get on ur dancin shoes!!!!

Baby Diamonds – Alaskan Thunderfuck (direct link)

Newest track from Baby Diamonds (meee! :] ) Just wanna erase some minds with this one. make the hardest. track. ever.

Bin Laden Blowin’ Up – Chi Dont Dance (direct link)

“Chicago juke/hip hop/club banger by Chicago trio called BBU. Getting alot of play by DJ Mano, Gantman, Skyler and many other local Chicago favorites.”

Circuit Flow & The Bird – RedShifts (direct link)

“A nice little number from Circuit Flow & The Bird (Owen Meyers, Raymond Monner); 2 producers from rural Ontario, Canada who are now living in Europe (Barcelona and Stockholm, respectively).”

DJ Tuco – Hustla! (direct link)

“Hi, I’m a DJ from the UK based in Prague for the last frour years, I run a night here called Dutty Weekend and have DJ’d all over the place, here’s my latest track, somewhere between club and electro I guess, I have loads of DJ mixes floating around online as well as a track up on http://www.clekclekboom.com thanks for you time Tuco…”

The Insomniax – Swimming Lessons (direct link)

“Dirty Electric Funk from London based trio The Insomniax. Club laced electro with a smoke hazed vocals..Sick.”

The American Dream Team feat Whiskey Pete & Andre Parnel – Money VIP (direct Link)


That’s it! Dropbox will be back in about two to three weeks or so.