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Mixin’ It Up: The Glamour

Oct 17 2008

We are honored to have The Glamour on our Mixin It Up series. Richard and Asher have been working on their new EP that was just released on Calamity Jane Recordings, but they still found time to do a mix for us. So go support them and buy their new EP on Beatport after you have listened to their mix.

Download: The Glamour: Discobelle Mix (ShareBee) (Re-uped)

1. Benjamin Diamond – Same Old Things
We have been big fans of Ben Diamond for a long time. This new track is no exception as he continues the funky, pop infused, French House sound, he is known for. (Richard)

2. Kathy Diamond – All Women
If you can’t feel the bass-line in here you need to clean out your ears. (Richard)

3. Bumblebeez – Rio (Etienne de Crecy Remix)
Another classic French House producer we have been big on for years. This track is a little mellower, but guitar is really great, and is reminiscent of guitar tones we try to achieve in our own music. (Richard)

4. Be Brave – Louis La Roché
Louis has been on my charts for a while now. Great Disco House from England by a young kid. I’m glad someone else is repping this stuff as much as I’ve been trying to. Plus everyone thought he was Thomas Bangalter soooo… (Asher)

5. The Juan Maclean: Happy House (Trim The Fat Jeans Edit)
This track has been out for a bit but still gets us every time. The Juan Maclean makes such a good nod with the piano chords in here and that little electric-piano melody reminds us of a lot of good old Deep House records we would collect. (Richard)

6. Crazy Penis: Love On The Line (Unabombers Vocal)
We actually caught this on Discobelle a while back and couldn’t believe our eyes. Crazy Penis has been out for a while, and we have some of their records going back as far as their releases on Naked
Music. This is such a great edit. (Richard)

7. Daddy’s Favorite: I Feel Good Things For You
Great classic old Disco House track. Need we say more? (Richard)

8. I Found U (Feat. Maxc) (Peter Lutz Remix) – Axwell
Such a great soulful vocal House track! I’m a sucker for strong male vocals. It reminds me of “You Don’t Know Me” by Armand Van Helden, one of my all time favorite tracks. (Asher)

9. Piano Mano (Club Mix Feat. Firetruck Antarctica) – The Drill
Michael from Designer Drugs turned me on to this one over the summer. It’s such a perfect mixture of funky and banging sounds. The build up on this is EPIC! (Asher)

10. Lifelike: Soul of My Love
A classic older one from Lifelike. He has been an incredibly influential producer for us, especially with tracks like “Fly by Night,” and a lot of our newer, unreleased material. (Richard)

11. Treadstone – The Shapeshifters
Such great strings samples in this one. It makes me wish I was hanging out in the South of France on a beach (although gingers don’t tan well). (Asher)

12. Laidback Luke: Music Is Always On My Mind (Laidback Luke’s French Remix)
A great French House themed edit of “Music is Always on My Mind.” This is such a fun track to play out when we DJ, and it has as such a wonderful feel to it. (Richard)

13. I Can’t Lose – The Phantom’s Revenge
This is my anthem right now, brings back memories of dancing so hard I would almost pass out. The energy in this track is the reason why I love House Music. These guys are very inspiring to me. (Asher)

14. Fly By Night (Hatiras Remix) – The Glamour
This is one of the remixes off of our first EP that comes out October 14th. We were so excited to have Hatiras do a remix for us. I’ve had his records in my crates for years now and it’s an honor to have him
put his touch on our music. (Asher)

15. Take It To The Club – Jesse Rose, Herve, Action Man
This is another favorite that I’ve been playing out a lot lately. I really enjoy the production of Jesse Rose, Herve, and Action Man individually and this collaboration is no exception. (Asher)

16. Body Crash (Laidback Luke Remix) – Buy Now
Again Laidback Luke comes through with another floor mover. This is my favorite remix of “Body Crash” for sure. It drops in and out always keeping the fists in the air. Richard always makes fun of me for going extra wild when I play this. I just can’t help it! (Asher)

17. Yuksek: I Like To Play
Defiantly one of our favorite more Electro House focused producers. The way this track drops seriously moves floors! (Richard)

18. Photograph (Heartache Remix) – Def Leppard
I’m a huge fan of Eighties rock and pop music and this one is the perfect mix of Hair Metal and House. I always wish I still had long hair when I play this. (Asher)

19. I Know – OCD Automatic
OCD is one of my best friends. He’s from Madison, WI which is about an hour from Milwaukee. Besides being my chum he’s also a really talented producer and dj. This is a new one from him. I thought it was a fitting end to our mixtape. (Asher)

BONUS TRACK: A 3 minute excerpt of the Tommie Sunshine remix of “Fly By Night” that can be found on the EP.

The Glamour – Fly By Night (Tommie Sunshine remix) (Sendspace)