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Nov 20 2008


Production duo Blänk is from way up north in Sweden (LuleÃ¥ to be more exact) and they’re inspired by “snow, reindeers, the dream of Miami and girls”. They call their brand of music “Eurotrash”.

The track “Shirt Off” features Swedish rapper Young Ivy (now transplanted to Atlanta) and it’s already been remixed by Palms Out homie Boody B, Kocky and The Touch. We give you the original version, the Boody B remix and cover done by famed Swedish indierockster Mattias Alkberg (of Bear Quartet fame) + the video.

Blänk (ft. Young Ivy) – Shirt Off (Sharebee)

Blänk (ft. Young Ivy) – Shirt Off (Boody B remix) (Sharebee)

Blänk (ft. Young Ivy) – Shirt Off (Mattias Alkberg cover) (Sharebee)