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Séance Vocibus Avium

Dec 20 2008

This is kind of a long way from what we usually post. But we are big Justus Köhncke fans so we couldn’t resist this and since it’s Christmas time this could be a great gift for someone in your family.

Wolfgang Müller, founding member of the pioneering German art and music group Die Tödliche Doris (1981-1987), enlisted a long list of friends to recreate the calls of eleven extinct bird species. Their combined, exquisitely detailed efforts are now published on 7″ and cd, both with a 40 page book, by Swedish label Fang Bomb.

Besides Wolfgang Müller, the featured recreationist artists on this release are Justus Köhncke, Annette Humpe (Ich+Ich, Ideal, Neonbabies), Françoise Cactus & Brezel Göring (aka Stereo Total), Nicholas Bussmann (Kapital Band 1), Khan, Namosh, Frieder Butzmann, Max Müller, Hartmut Andryczuk, Frederik Schikowski and Icelandic actress Kristbjörg Kjeld.”

Justus K̦hncke РPterodroma Hasitata Caribbaea (direct link)