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Futurecop! – The Unicorn & The Lost City Of Alvograth EP

Dec 21 2008

and Southern Fried walks hand in hand on this new release from Futurecop! It’s released on Beatport on Xmas day and is all about 80′s sounding syntheziser jams.

“It’s kind of like making out with Kirsten Dunst in the field from that scene in The Virgin Suicides”

They give away two tracks, one original not on the release and one mashup as a teaser!

Futurecop! – Eyes like the Ocean (direct link)

Futurecop! vs. Ciara – Fast Forward / 1-2 Step
(direct link)

  • Sian

    The next daft punk / justice! – come to Miami! pleaaaseee x

  • http://danishpoetblog.blogspot.com/ Ian France

    Thanks a bunch for the downloads, I think I’ve discovered my new favorite techno band!

  • stefan

    this gimmick is old

  • tjockapa

    the mixing is horrible! what happened to good sound quality?