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Jan 21 2009

Time to get rid of all the promos people sent us. Just like the last time we gave away our bag of crap, we have collected it all and now we are giving it away to one of you. Calling it a bag of crap is somewhat harsh since most of it is probably good stuff, but there is also a lot of stuff that isn’t. Last time we sent away over 50 cd’s and there is even more this time.

And what better day to have this contest, it’s our three year anniversary and all. This time we want you to send us your best happy birthday wishes. Record a mp3, call our answering machine or do a video. Best one gets the prize, so be creative. One winner takes it all.

Send the link to your mp3 and video to this email (use zShare or something for mp3 and Vimeo or YouTube for videos).