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Mixin’ It Up: Norrit

Feb 6 2009


Them Kansas boys are bound for big things in 2009 so we’re proud to present a Mixin’ It Up from Norrit who has already seen some shine with a slew of kick ass remixes and original tracks + he got lots more in the works. We’re sure he’s destined for blowing up and with this mix he proves that we’re not wrong. Hear for yourself, let’s move on to the music!

Norrit – Discobelle mix, February 2009 (Sharebee) (alt link)

“Fever Ray – Now’s The Only Time I Know

New solo project from homegirl from The Knife. man, shit’s so good! just felt like starting the mix off in a properly moody way. done!

Sis – Nesrib

God, this tune is so fucking good. i think it’s techno, i don’t know. Ben Tactic heard it on the Jesse Rose essential mix (oof, so good) and sent it to me thinking i’d be into it. color me into it.

Project Bassline – Drop The Pressure (Jack Beats mix)

This tune is also fucking so good. Jack Beats is on some real shit with this one. that bassline is insane, ayone eat their hearts out. plus i like the way it drops out of that nesrib tune, it’s all “ok, time to kick this shit up a notch”

RQM – Miss Pacman (Oliver $ mix)

Microhouse breakdowns are key. so are most Oliver $ tunes i hear, but yeah, this one is sicker than most. and he did this sick dubstep remix of this same tune that’s on that single that’s also insanely good.

Norrit – No Way Out

Hrm, yeah, this is a new one, i’m working on a few tunes on this same tip, keep ya ears peeled!

Bart B More – So It Goes

Jesus christ, dude must’ve been on mad adderall for days making this one. but he’s from amsterdam, right? how did this song happen? i dunno, so it goes!

Robert Boogert – On My Knees (Dubbel Dutch mix)

Dubbel Dutch rules, he’s remixing a tune of mine for this remix single and it’s a beast. i shoulda put that demo on this piece, it’s hype, wait for it.

Norrit – Optimos

I sampled thick blunt draws, who can hate?

Norrit (ft. Queen Bea) – I See You (Acapella)

Oooh yeahhh, we like it slow ep on Palms Out with Bea after the watch out remix single drops, wait for it!

Sonny J – Handsfree (Heavyfeet mix)

Heavyfeet are sick bros, and this is just a small example of why. it’s pretty innovative for what it is, i like melody, too, y’know?

Malente (ft. Knixx) – Rock Me Amadeus

The think break is chillin’ all minimal in this one, which makes me like it, and that rattly ass fart-synth is a pretty slick look.

Microglobe – High On Jope (The long hot summer mix)

Man, i miss summer.

Mowgli – Pa Po Pon

X-Press 2 – Smoke Machine (Solo mix)

I love every single sound in this.

Hostage – Hoot

Damn, Hostage rules, this tune is so big and huge and shit, maybe i should move to scotland or wherever and get on whatever dude’s on.

Def Inc. – Waking The Dream (Switch mix)

One of my favorite Switch remixes, this one is on that usual switch shit, but with all this super heavy dub vibe. heavy drunk vibe, too. spill ya drinks to this one!

Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso – Show Me Love (Hardwell Sunrise mix)

I love shit like this, man. for reeeeal! a vocalist from queens on a Swedish House Mafia re(ibiza-vibe)fuck, whodathunkit?

Kaskade & Deadmau5 – Move For Me (Santiago & Bushido mix)

This shit is so good, it reminds me of this one kid who works at the grocery store i go to a lot, so i see him like, daily or whatever, anyway, he comes to some parties i throw and just wilds out to tunes just like this. and then i see him the next day, hungover, getting an apple. oh yeah, Santiago & Bushido, chicago stand up!

Purple Crush – Busy Boys (Norrit mix)

A remix i did for Purple Crush, sort of rounding out a trio of some big room sort of shit i suppose…

The Smiths – This Charming Man (Norrit edit)

I love The Smiths, and the New York vocal mix of that track is totally the best, it’s like a dub flip. anyway, a house flop of an edit to end.


BONUS TRACK: The party anthem “Move” from his recently released “The Rhythm” on Think2wice.

Norrit (ft. Royce Diamond) – Move (YSI)

Norrit (ft. Royce Diamond) – Move (Sharebee)